Omega Integration debuts at OGA 2011

Aug 17, 2011 | B2B, Case Study, News & Updates, PurposeCORE, Singapore, SME

Omega Integration, the premier telecommunication and fire and gas detection systems solution provider in Southeast Asia and beyond, had their first showcase booth at the Oil and Gas Asia (OGA) 2011 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in June, a milestone for a company reaching out to shape the industry.

Like other players in the oil and gas industry in 2008, Omega Integration faced a lot of difficulties during the financial crisis. The management team realised that to reach out to a wider market and sustain the business, they had to build a world-class Identity with a strong sense of belonging and togetherness.

Omega Integration underwent full-scale organisational branding with Consulus, starting with an intense 360-degree study, which involved business direction, operational processes, workplace dynamics and stakeholder relationships.

The research showed that Omega continued to exist because it delivered as promised and supported the customer from start to finish. Guided by this purpose, Consulus worked with the Omega Brand Team to realign resources and processes, covering various aspects from recruitment and leadership ascension to partnership management. The brand team worked to make sure that everyone in the organisation lived up to the purpose, even after the brand exercise.


Mr Dang TL, Managing Director at Omega, recognised that internal buy-in was the key driver for any brand to shape its industry.

“It’s impossible for me alone to achieve this business excellence or brand success. Only with your participation, your involvement, your commitment, are we able to make this journey,” he said at the Brand Alignment workshop, held near the end of the brand exercise.

“The success of the rebranding exercise is not about whether the internal and external stakeholders like the new logo but about whether they are willing to live out the meaning behind this visual presentation. This requires strong commitment from the founders and continuous reinforcement efforts throughout the organisation through rituals and practices,” Helena Pham, Senior Manager at Consulus, said.

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