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The power of persuasion

For government agencies and non-profit organisations, it often boils down to your ability to rally people around your cause, gaining their support in time, money and other resources.

However, getting the message across to potential supporters can prove difficult as the social space is cluttered with thousands of organisations clamouring for attention, each with a plea or call to action. How can you win people over to your cause and mobilise them?

Values-based business sense

In pursuing a common purpose, the right communication goes a long way. Only when people understand the difference you are trying to make can they be involved with your brand.

As Consulus itself has built a culture that places much importance on being a values-based company, we won’t ask you to implement campaigns that you don’t believe in. Instead we’ll recommend sound business ideas that respect what you stand for and effectively communicate what you want to achieve.

The brand identity has given us a common language, a quick way to rally around our vision and our Purpose. We are on the same platform when we talk about what it is that we want to do.

Wee Tat Chuen

Principal, Assumption Pathway School

The HTA Gallery is an example of how a clearly defined purpose and an understanding of the organisation’s core capabilities can define a brand. Ultimately, it is about bringing the Home Teams’ multiplicity of purposes into one shared mission: Safeguarding Singapore.

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