NetSong triumphs at the International Landscape Design Competition for Han Riverfront in Danang

Dec 3, 2016 | News & Updates, Non-Profit, PlaceCORE, Tiếng Việt, Vietnam

‘NetSong’ won the Second Prize and the Public Choice Award at the International Landscape Design Competition for Han Riverfront in Danang. The winners were officially announced today at The Prize Presentation Ceremony at the City Administrative Center. There is no First Prize awarded for this competition.

The proposal ‘NetSong’ was jointly developed by a global team of multidisciplinary experts from CPG Consultants, Consulus, Landscape Jardins Asia and Glopan. ‘NetSong’ is a PlaceCORE project, a jointly initiative by CPG and Consulus.

The proposed vision is to transform Han River waterfront into a global distinction, catalyze city development through enabling a creative ecosystem for entrepreneurship and ideation, community engagement, and nature rejuvenation.

“We are very happy that our proposal had been selected as the joint winner of this competition. Our design team and our partners, Consulus and Landscape Jardins Asia, have put in a lot of thoughts and efforts, and we do believe that our proposal has integrated many progressive ideas that will contribute to Danang’s aspirations and success as a city. I believe the judges and the Danang public have received the proposal very well, and appreciate many of its ideas,” said Mr Tan Shao Yen, Managing Director of CPG Consultants.

Mr Jimmy Tsen Chee Nam, General Director for CPG Vietnam, representing the project team at the ceremony today, also shared, “We are indeed most grateful for this opportunity. We see this as a new chapter in the collaboration between the City and us and look very much forward to it. Our goal is to help transform Danang into a City of global distinction, and bring success to Danang and its people.”

“Danang is a unique city because of her people’s contributory spirit to build up the city. This makes a city of hope. This is our source of inspiration. Our ideas for Han River begin with Danang’s spirit and her people. And with this award, we hope to kickstart our collective effort to turn those transformative ideas into reality soon,” said Mr Dzung Do Nguyen, Principal Planner at CPG Consultants and also the Project Lead of NetSong.

“It took us more than three months of working days and nights, and a team of multidisciplinary experts from 10 nations of three continents, to complete this strategic proposal to Danang, a city associated with the “Koi fish to Dragon” legend, an advanced city being admired by millions of Vietnamese”, said Ms Helena Pham, Partner at Consulus in Vietnam. “We are grateful for the locals, for all the young talents and startups from Danang Incubator Center who have inspired us to develop this NetSong for Danang, for all of you. Thanks for making us believe that: Yes, Danang can do it!”

From a fishing village, Danang has become one of Vietnam’s foremost cities. The team strongly believes that now is the moment to reinvent the life of the river to befit a tier 1 city with an experience that will capture growth for the future and show how Danang is well-positioned for the future.

Based on the detailed analysis of the current state of Danang, the team has proposed a strategic and holistic proposal, from business strategy, master planning, detailed landscape design to branding for the Han River Corridor.

“At first, we thought we could not make it for the competition due to time constraints. However, the moment we visited Danang, it won our heart and totally changed our mind. We realised this city has a big potential and it deserves to be harnessed and presented to the world. Hence, we accepted the challenge”, shared Mr Pedro Pedalino, Partner/Landscape Architect at Landscape Jardins Asia.

The project name ‘NetSong’, which represents the Net of Bright Ideas for Han River, is coined from two words: Net and Song: “Net” in fishing net and the Internet, which represents the past and present of Danang and “Song” as the Vietnamese word for “River”. It was developed with a desire to illuminate the ideas and innovation of Danang and Vietnam and to showcase the commitment of the Danang government to achieve an innovative business and community concept and experience.


NetSong’s logo designed by Consulus


A set of sub-logos for the three different zone themes: Opportunity, Ecology and Bonding

The  project team comprises of multiracial, multicultural and multidisciplinary experts, including a landscape architect who is born and bred in Danang.  “Danang is my beloved hometown and I want to contribute my best to help the city transform and succeed while being able to preserve and enhance its cultural and traditional values at the same time”, proudly shared Mr Phan Quoc Dung from Landscape Jardins Asia.

The competition was officially launched on August 14, 2016.  It is aimed to search for the best overall landscape development concepts for the riverfront along Han River, as well as detailed landscape design solutions for the city centre, in order to bring new vitality for the River.

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