National Day Special 2016: S’pore brand giving local companies a leg-up overseas – Consulus shares on TODAY

Aug 15, 2016 | News & Updates

In a special Singapore National Day feature on the Singapore daily newspaper, TODAY, Mr Lawrence Chong, CEO of Consulus, said the absence of a defined style is not a bad thing since this has allowed the Singapore brand to be surprising — a quality that will see companies through the current challenging business environment.

Is the national brand enough?

Even while not clearly defined, the Singapore brand linked to quality and reliability has carried local enterprises to various parts of the world.

However, experts said it is important that companies, both business-to-business and business-to-consumer, look at branding themselves to differentiate from their competition, and identify with their target audience better.

“If people don’t know what you can do, what kind of difference you can bring, they won’t buy. Now, we’re at a stage where companies must think about how they can innovate their business models as they compete globally. Eighty per cent of the work in creating a brand is how the organisation works, it’s not just about the image,” said Mr Chong.

Read the full article on TODAY Online here.

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