Unveil Your MasterPlan

A 2-Hour CEO Coffee Talk

You’re not just a professional. You’re a Changemaker, a trailblazer, and a visionary. But to fully realize this, you have to first step into the spotlight and shine as brightly as you were always meant to.

With the My MasterPlan Series, we bridge ambition with destiny through our specialised CEO Coffee Talk. If you are ready, let’s grab a cup of coffee, and embark on a journey like no other.

Thanks for raising perhaps unspoken thoughts that constantly conflict or align ourselves between our own goals, our career and whatever it is we do. And thanks for reminding me that life should be simple. Start with simplicity to resolve our complexity.

Mr. Radin Sufri

CEO, Datastream Digital


Unlock the essence of your purpose and chart a strategic path forward in just two transformative hours, with a particular focus on the PersonalCORE Method. Designed for accomplished professionals, executives, and organizational leaders, this experience offers a comprehensive guide to navigate the challenges of today’s fast-paced global business environment.


2 hours


US$199 (*)

* Inclusive of 1 hard copy of My MasterPlan journal (RRP USD30)
* All program fees include complimentary tea, coffee, and refreshments throughout the duration of the sessions

Languages available


Cities available

Hanoi & Ho Chi Minh city

“Everyone of us was born for a purpose and with a gift. Early realisation of these will unleash the full potential in us.”


Introduction to the My MasterPlan journal and the PersonalCORE Method for self-discovery, impact, and growth

A professional experience that allows participants to embrace their innate abilities, influence, and unique differentiation, paving the path for unparalleled professional development and executive excellence

Who is it for?


Mid-career professionals, executives, and organizational leaders

who are passionate about addressing global challenges


The programme will be conducted in person for 2 hours, including 30 minutes coffee break and networking


An in-depth journey of self-discovery and purposeful living where you will reflect on why being a leader or running a business is a sacred calling

Introduction to the My MasterPlan journal and to the PersonalCORE Method and its significance in discovering your MasterPlan

CEO Roundtable Discussion on Uncovering Your Ability/ Influence/ Differentiation

Open Forum to immerse into some PersonalCORE questions which are meant to provoke and steer you to arrive at an answer you inherently know best

Peer-to-Peer reflective sharing activities to provoke introspection and clarity in confusing areas of your business or work environment

Discerning Your Purpose

Individual exercises to translate insights from the PersonalCORE Method questions into your guiding compass: Your Purpose

Q&A Session about strategies and techniques to decelerate for clarity and focus in a fast-paced world

Conclusion: What it takes to arrive at a masterpiece of your own making with the help of others

Recap key learnings and insights gained during the session

Explore opportunities for ongoing support and engagement through the Creative Changemakers network and programs

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Also recommended

The Opening: Introduction of power and relevance of faith fluency in business.

A module under DialogueCore Series

In this module, we introduce the power of faith and need for faith fluency for corporates and leaders to understand their team, client and the global market.

What role does faith play in changing the global economic landscape from internal dynamics to external growth?

How does faith influence choices of our consumption of modern products and services?

Coffee chat: The Blueprint of Cause-Driven Organizations

A module under Future Resilience by Design Series

In this transformative 2-hour round-table coffee chat, we will unveil the blueprint for cause-driven organizations. We will explore the challenges faced by CEOs and introduce the Future Resilience by Design framework along with Consulus’ 3-States methodology to define the organizational Cause.

Through case studies of companies that have successfully integrated the “Cause” into their business models, and through engaging in open dialogues, networking, and brainstorming activities, you will gain a deep understanding of what it means to develop, implement, and sustain an organization that is purpose-driven and committed to making a difference in the world.

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