My MasterPlan Workshop Series

Unlock your leadership potential with Consulus’ MasterPlan Workshop Series, leveraging PersonalCORE to empower growth-driven leaders.

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In finding purpose and charting pathways for organisational success,

there is a need to motivate aspiring and established leaders to ‘dig deep’ within themselves to embrace their innate abilities, understand their strengths, and utilise their weaknesses to pave the path for unparalleled professional development.

But how can they do this?



Complimentary talk: “The importance of mastering time, networks, and resources in achieving personal and professional success"

Tuesday, 30 July and 10 September, 2024

5pm GMT+7

Method of delivery:

Module 1: Coffee Chat: Unveil Your MasterPlan

In-person • 2 hrs

Unlock the essence of your purpose and chart a strategic path forward in just two transformative hours, with a particular focus on the PersonalCORE Method. Designed for accomplished professionals, executives, and organizational leaders, this experience offers a comprehensive guide to navigate the challenges of today’s fast-paced global business environment.

Module 2: Master Your Growth

In-person • 1 full day

Through a dedicated day focused on self-discovery, growth, and impact, you will be able to experience the transformative potential of the PersonalCORE Method. Through this exercise, you will be able to recognize your unique contributions as a team player and community influencer, while exploring strategies to master your time, networks, and resources and amplify your capabilities. Whether you’re a mid-career professional, executive, organizational leader, or Changemaker, this event is your opportunity to master your growth in order to create a better world for everyone.

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Module 3: Be The Masterpiece

In-person • 4 full days

Fast-track your path towards becoming a masterpiece over four immersive days fueled by a wealth of experiential methods. Led by seasoned facilitators, this all-encompassing experience equips you to embrace and lead change with unwavering confidence and purposeful intent. No matter who you are or what position you hold, this program is your gateway to overcoming your biggest challenges and becoming a person who inspires people and fosters change for a better world.

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What Changemaker attributes are you striving to achieve?

Discovering your MasterPlan in life

Uncover the roadmap to your future with clarity and purpose. By engaging in the MasterPlan series, you will uncover the roadmap to identify your true passions and aspirations. We believe that the path to discovering your personal plans in life is about understanding your innate abilities and how they align with your dreams.

Building influence within your organization and surrounding

At a time of societal expectations and self-doubt, it has become very important to understand the dynamics of your environment and leverage your strengths to inspire and motivate those around you. The MasterPlan series helps you navigate social and cultural norms and turn challenges into opportunities for collective growth and success.

Harnessing proven methodologies that you can apply in real life

To drive real-world success, you must be able to equip yourself with time-tested strategies and methodologies that you can immediately apply to your work and personal projects. There is a need to go beyond just theory and harness methodologies that will empower you to tackle risks and ensure you have a solid foundation to support your changemaking efforts.

Elevating your skills that can be practised in workplace

In the advent of technology and AI, you must also keep up and elevate your skills in critical areas such as leadership, communication, project management, and innovation. In doing so, you’ll be able to drive personal and organizational success.


“Thanks for raising perhaps unspoken thoughts that constantly conflict or align ourselves between our own goals, our career and whatever it is we do. And thanks for reminding me that life should be simple. Start with simplicity to resolve our complexity.”

Mr. Radin Sufri, CEO of Datastream Digital

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