MTU redefines customer service

Mar 25, 2008 | B2B, Clients, ExperienceCORE, News & Updates, Singapore

High-performance engines and drive systems continually endure massive amounts of stress, yet customers demand such products to work harder, faster and with minimum downtime.

MTU Asia, leading manufacturer of high-performance engines and drive systems, recently launched its Customer Service Centre (CSC) to better meet the needs of its regional customers. Conceptualised by MTU Asia’s After Sales Team, CSC serves as a one-stop hub for customers in need of assistance.

To develop the brand strategy for CSC, MTU Asia engaged Consulus Cato Partners, who identified that, more than a physical place, customers need the entire MTU staff to jointly deliver proactive after-sales service.

Consulus Cato Partners thus devised the concept of Synergy Support, which calls for engineers and support staff use their combined expertise to generate customised solutions for each customer in the shortest time possible.

Synergy Support plays a significant role in ensuring that customers get the best performance out of their engines and drive systems, as it allows MTU to respond to issues before they become too costly or time-consuming to address.

Based on Consulus Cato Partners’ initial visual concept, CSC emulates an oval racetrack and its staff an ever-ready pit crew.

The central part of the CSC showcases the comprehensive range of products and services that can be customised to match customers’ specific requirements, while the graphics displayed along the north wall communicate MTU’s readiness to respond to their customers’ changing needs through constant innovation.

An integral part of Synergy Support is the exceptionally high value placed on the customer’s time. Should customers have to wait at the CSC, they can enjoy refreshments and be entertained by a flat-screen TV and various reading materials at the cafe area.

From reception to actual product servicing, CSC is geared to deliver expert engineering solutions with a personal touch. By taking advantage of the premium support experience afforded by CSC, MTU customers can keep their engines and drive systems running smoothly for years to come.

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