Moving Forward with ‘Panache’

Sep 19, 2011 | B2B, Case Study, English, PurposeCORE, Singapore

Fast Flow, a highly specialised group of companies providing solutions for rainwater management in building projects across Asia Pacific, completed the rebranding exercise in late April 2011.

Fast Flow has provided drainage systems for more than 20 million square meters of roof area throughout Asia, but it reached its limits in 2008. The Board of Directors realised that without a true purpose, systemisation and compliance, the company would never be able to scale itself to solve increasing number of drainage problems and decided to engage Consulus, a regional brand consultancy firm to move towards achieving this.

“It is no longer acceptable to disregard the systems in place. Let’s get together and make this change possible,” Colin Thoms, Managing Director at Fast Flow, said at Fast Flow Regional Group Meeting 2009 held in Singapore. At this regional meeting, the Harness findings and insights was presented to all regional managers after months of full-scale research with key decision makers, staff, partners, principals and customers.

With the research findings, Consulus consultants worked closely with Fast Flow Brand Team to redefine the purpose of the company. Fast Flow exists to “seek and imagine new ways to solve tomorrow’s drainage challenges”. To truly reflect the new purpose of the firm, a new identity with “Panache” logomark was developed by Consulus. The literal translation of panache is a plume worn by one of the most famous of French kings and used to create a symbol of leadership. For Fast Flow, the Panache symbolises its business expansion, leading the industry in what they do best – in style, courage and flamboyance.

“Asian companies have to build their brands from the organisational level in order to really shape the world. It was a pleasure working with the management team at Fast Flow as they took the research seriously and completely realigned the organisation so as to be able to deliver on the brand promise,” Lawrence Chong, Director for Strategy at Consulus, said.

The organisational rebranding exercise then continued with implementation in all major aspects, including business strategy, product portfolio re-alignment, organisational restructuring, shared culture reinforcement, people development and operation systemisation. These steps were designed to ensure that Fast Flow will be able to live out its purpose and deliver its promise to its clients.

“Fast Flow rebranding project involved a lot of people, from the top management and staff at the Singapore headquarters to regional managers and staff across 11 offices. However, with the strong commitments to change from the founders, we managed to surge past the finish line and move forward with panache,” Helena Pham, Senior Manager at Consulus, said.

“It’s very fulfilling to see the employees eagerly contributing their ideas on how to align the Fast Flow culture and reinforce the fine-tuned set of core values of the firm during the Brand Alignment Workshop,” Pham added.

Fast Flow staff developing action plans for Customer-centric, one of the five core values of Fast Flow.

Fast Flow staff developing action plans for Customer-centric, one of the five core values of Fast Flow.

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