Minister Lui Tuck Yew visits Consulus’ Singapore Office

Feb 7, 2011 | Events, News & Updates, Singapore

A dialogue session with Minister Lui Tuck Yew, Minister for Information, Communication and the Arts was organised by the Designers Association Singapore on 25 January 2011 at the Consulus Singapore office.


Consulus had the pleasure of hosting this important dialogue between the Minister and the Designers Association Singapore, where issues that affect the Singapore design industry were raised and discussed. Of particular note, he commented that how Singapore design firms can add value is to look at the “science in the art of design”. The Minister also took the time to tour our office and find out more about how a design consultancy operates.



The Minister was shown both offices where he was given a thorough explanation of our approach and methodology from several Consulus staff to help Minister Lui appreciate how we use in depth research to tie business strategy and design together for our clients.


In the end, Minister Lui was pleased to see that Consulus was on the right track in pursuing design thinking and noted that by adding business thinking to design, we have made ourselves more relevant on the global stage by bringing the out the science in the art of our work.