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Our goal is to help Malaysian enterprises transform, discover their purpose, unite their organisations for innovation so that they can be resilient and meet the challenges of Industry 4.0.

The solutions that we provide in Consulus Malaysia.

  • Business Transformation Solutions – PurposeCORE 75% 75%
  • Place Economy and Real-estate Transformation – PlaceCORE 50% 50%
  • New Experience Concepts – ExperienceCORE 50% 50%

Our work includes:

  1. Transforming a company’s business model through purpose and unity; help them build capacity for innovation to sustain business growth.
  2. Transform places, cities with purpose-driven innovation to ignite economic growth and community development.
  3. Reimagine new service and retail experiences.

Purpose of Consulus Malaysia

Industry 4.0 is bringing massive disruption to industries and Malaysia will be affected too. As the economy evolves, a different approach to business growth is essential:

Consulus Malaysia is based out of Johor Bahru and fully supported by Consulus World Center and its network of 60+ international, multidisciplinary consultants who are present in 16 countries around the globe.

About Vincent Chee – Country Director of Consulus Malaysia and Deputy Director for Design at Consulus Global

Vincent Chee is Country Director for Consulus Malaysia. He has served regional and global firms from all industries, including Agriculture, Energy, Real Estate, Retail, Hospitality, Media and Education across ASEAN and Europe. He is responsible for the development of brands and the design of both digital and physical experiences.

Vincent often speaks at regional conferences in Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan on Experience Design, Social Impact and the Economy of Communion.

Vincent also currently serves as the Deputy Director of Design at Consulus Global and has received multiple design awards in Vietnam, Singapore and Malaysia.

Vincent Chee

Vincent Chee

Country Director of Consulus Malaysia

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