by Timothy Hor.

I first reached out to Lawrence Chong, CEO and
co-founder of Consulus on Linkedin with the following message on 2nd of February 2017.

Hi Lawrence, Would love to explore with you if and how we can start Consulus Malaysia? I think it is timely to lead and change the mindsets of organizations in Malaysia to be Purpose-Driven! Look forward to speaking with you. More than happy to drive down to Singapore to meet you. Tim

More than 12 months later, after several meetings and many messages and phone calls and intense bouts of soul searching, I have decided that Consulus is where I want to be. And these are the 3 reasons why.


1. I believe in what Consulus believes in

There is indeed a need for a unique consulting company like Consulus whose purpose is to shape the world into a better place, by helping companies discover their better selves by enabling them to become the difference they are meant to be from the inside out.

In the last 10 years of my career, I have come to believe that the true purpose of any business is beyond just making money. The opportunity to help more Malaysian businesses and leaders understand and embrace a Purpose-Driven approach is exactly what I would love to do. With Consulus, that unique opportunity becomes a reality.

Beyond fully embracing the purpose to shape the world into a better place by helping businesses and organizations be Purpose-Driven, I strongly believe in the same core values of Unity, Humility, Authenticity, Love, and Service that underpin the way of life at Consulus. Consulus is not your typical, run-of-the-mill consulting company as described by a Consulite.

“I see Consulus as a consultancy company that strives to go beyond the superficial branding of a fancy name or tagline with insincere gestures of change for economic profit. Consulus wants every transformation to come from within, a sincerity that reveals itself from inside out. It asks of it not just from its clients, but from its employees and partners as well.”


2. I believe it is where I can fulfill my calling

Purpose is powerful. But I have found it extremely difficult and challenging to articulate my life’s purpose because I have not truly discovered my calling.  More than a year ago, Lawrence asked me to write my Personal Journey, which I did over 10 days in 10 different chapters, and that helped me reflect deeply who I am and why I am here. Since then, I have discovered that my calling is To Inspire Businesses to Love.

Based on my 30 years of corporate and business endeavors, I really think that there is a serious lack of and, in most cases, no love in the business world. And if there is more love and unity in the business world, I believe that the true untapped potential of individuals and companies will be unleashed. There is a saying that Love can move mountains. I believe that Love will not only move businesses but also make companies more human, authentic, relatable, and better yet, more than just a transaction. Love builds strong relationships, trust, loyalty, and that commitment allows a business to not only make money but make a difference.

As gracefully put by Chiara Lubich, founder of a global unity movement and a recipient of the UNESCO Peace Prize, “every person in the working world, from the owner to the administrator, from the director to the technicians, from office workers to laborers, in order to build solidarity with others, must love everyone in such a way that he or she becomes one with the others”.

With the proven methodologies and tools in Consulus, I believe I can now fulfill my calling to help guide and shape Malaysian businesses and business leaders to lead and act with love.  With love, unity, and purpose driving performance, I believe more Malaysian businesses will discover their better selves to face the demands and challenges of the new world.

What’s even more amazing is that I now have the love and support of a global community of 60 consultants who come from 14 nationalities and speak 15 languages to help me fulfill my calling and also help shape a better me.


3. I believe Consulus can help shape a better and more united Malaysia

On the 10th of May 2018, I woke up to the dawning of a reborn Malaysia. Since then, it has been an incredible experience to see the strengths and weaknesses of humanity play out right in front of my eyes. Unity, Passion, and Purpose overthrew Greed, Power, and Selfishness. As a new beginning unfolds for this beautiful and resource-rich country, it dawned on me that the human spirit that drove this historical and monumental change in Malaysia is the same spirit of unity, passion and purpose that drives Consulus.

Consulus Malaysia is the 13th office in the Consulus global network. I am excited, honored, and humbled that I have been given the opportunity to be the first Consulite to represent the Consulus spirit and voice in Malaysia. With a new Consulus in a new Malaysia, it is my hope that we can help play a significant role in shaping a better and more united Malaysia.


About Timothy Hor

Timothy Hor is the Country Director of Consulus Malaysia. Timothy has extensive experience in leading and growing technology start-ups in the recruitment and property industry. Since 2010, Timothy is recognized as one of the leading thought leaders in driving the change in how property should be marketed and sold. He specializes in Data-Driven Marketing and is well versed with the latest development and implementation of programmatic audience-buying digital platforms. A technical communications – instructional design expert by training, Timothy started his career as a lecturer at the National University of Singapore teaching communication skills to computer science and engineering undergraduates. In his almost 3 decade long professional career, he has also successfully raised venture capital funding for two technology start-ups and is currently an adviser to several start-ups.