Get your leadership team ready for Industry 4.0 challenges

A 4-day leadership experience that is the first to combine business and creative approaches from the premise of unity.

It starts by helping leaders see their business model with new perspectives for innovation.

It seeks to strengthen relationships so as to shape a multi-disciplinary form of strategic thinking.

Conducted in Tuscany, Italy in Sophia University Institute, the campus with a multi-disciplinary approach and new way of learning inspired by the principle of unity.

* This is a global course conducted in partnership with Sophia University Institute, an institution committed to shaping future leaders of unity.

What you will get

    1. Customised leadership and team dynamics review to strengthen understanding and teamwork
    2. Multi-dimensional perspectives on industry and society
    3. Facilitation and group exercises to shape a strategic way forward
    4. Experiential workshops which include creative exercises to think different 
    5. A conducive campus environment that is global and a welcoming culture that encourages dialogue

What was Alchemy™ leadership course designed for?

Alchemy™ leadership course was designed and implemented since 2011 to deal with three challenges at the management level:

  1. The need to strengthen understanding and trust
  2. The need to define a shared vision for the future
  3. The need to create a shared approach to shape an organisation’s future

What are we doing over there?

Day 1: See


Begin with a creative exercise to help participants see their business with new eyes to trigger existential discussions.

Data relevant to the business will be shown for further discussion to arrive at a strategic premise.


An out-of-classroom session is conducted to use a non-business related activity and connected to the concept of seeing with new eyes. It is designed for interaction and shape collective action.

In addition to input from the management, trainers from Consulus and Sophia will present global perspectives to help underline the importance of seeing with new eyes.

Day 2: Relate


A creative exercise designed to help participants see the value of each other and to understand effects of trust and culture in business

Data relevant to the business in terms of relationships will be shown for further discussion to shape an organisational strategy


There will be an activity out-of-the-classroom which requires teamwork where senior and middle management teams have an opportunity to collaborate.

In addition to input from management, a relevant experience from another business/dicipline will be shared to demonstrate the effects of unity and trust and how it helps to shape performance.

Day 3: Build


A creative exercise to help candidates understand more about redesigning business models in an age of disruption.


Consulus will present a business model design workshop to engage candidates in the rigour of thinking different and decision-making in an age of disruption.

This is an exercise of fusing different perspectives and how to shape a new business approach in a time of disruption.

Day 4: Purpose


A creative exercise to enable each participant to take a walk and write down their personal thoughts of the business and the impact the business has on society and the world.


The exercise will be about developing a collective experience in taking the business forward and the kind of innovation it needs to adapt to thrive.

This will result in a shared purpose statement.

This is a launch pad moment for the 4-day exercise and is aimed at drawing out the creative energy of the participants to shape the future of the business.

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