Shaping Leaders of Unity in an Age of Disruption

A set of creative courses and programs to help leaders and leadership teams rethink their roles, gain new skills and learn how to unite their organizations to navigate future challenges and be effective in Industry 4.0.

Holistic Leadership for a Complex World

Discover How to Think, Engage and Lead Holistically in a Volatile and Complex World.

Team Leadership Development

4-day leadership course for a leadership team of 10-15 persons to learn new perspectives in business and creative approaches from the premise of unity.

Custom-design Leadership Development Programme

Custom-build an internal corporate leadership programme for your needs.

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3 Things a Leader Need for the New Age


Leaders need to first realise their own purpose so as to help others do exceptional work


Leaders need to be able to bridge differences, welcome diversity and bring people together for common action


Leaders need be willing to develop themselves before helping others in their development

According to the World Economic Forum, by 2022 the top skills needed for jobs of the future will be analytical thinking and innovation, active learning and learning strategies, creativity, originality, and initiative. The HERO leadership competency model we use for GLUEC equips leaders with these skills, and provides a leadership approach that will help them shape the future.

HERO of our time

HERO is the competency model that we apply to all our leadership development programs

Heart and Spirit
This is about the personal virtues, values, and character strengths that one possesses which inform decisions and actions.

Embracive Thinking
This is about the mental capacity and capability to learn new information, think critically, embrace diversity of thought, and apply knowledge to real situations.

Relational Dynamics
This is about one’s physical presence, habits and emotions, It also includes how one relates to people and is aware of one’s own presence and that of others.

Operational Leadership
This includes all the capabilities that are needed for functional leadership, such as creating a vision, developing followership, planning, directing, and executing
 to achieve results. 

Our Method

Our courses and programmes adopt a creative thinking and experiential approach to engage and bring out the best in each leader. 


We first help leaders see their current state and where is the opportunity to take the leap. 


  1. What is the current level of experience and capability of the leader, or of the leadership team?
  2. What do people see?
  3. What is the opportunity?


We then help them to relate to the context, persons and how to find ways to interact better.


  1. What is the desired future state?
  2. What will it look like when progress has been achieved?
  3. How can a leadership team move forward together with new strength and high performance?


We then help leaders understand new perspectives of building teams for sustained success today. 


  1. Regardless of the development program offered, what will it take for learning and development to occur?
  2. What experiences and practice must the leader have to be able to grow and implement new leadership skills?
  3. How will he or she measure the results? This is the stage in which Transformation occurs.


Finally we provide a framework to help leaders define the existential purpose for themselves and their teams on the way forward.  

Our Solutions

We have solutions for different needs, from personal, to team and for corporate development

Alchemy™ Leadership for Teams
Designed to deal with three challenges at the management level: 1.. Lack of trust 2. Lack of vision for the future 3. Lack of a shared method to shape the future This is the first program to combine business and creative approaches under the premise of unity.
It starts by helping leaders see their business model with new eyes. It seeks to strengthen relationships so as to shape a multi-disciplinary form of strategic thinking.
This course is offered on-site at client locations, and is also conducted in picturesque Tuscany, Italy. (minimum of 12 participants)

Leadership Ascension Programme

a customized solution for companies that wish to develop an internal leadership development and shape succession planning for key members of the enterprise. This is a highly customized programme for companies of different industries. If you like us to submit a proposal, send your request to:


  1. A comprehensive review of the state of your talent development programme
  2. An assessment process of promising managers
  3. A comprehensive assessment design for career and leadership progression
  4. A comprehensive leadership development programme which includes the participation of top management
  5. Includes coaching by Consulus consultants who will help the internal team to implement the programme

Speak with Jim Funk, Global Head for Leadership Transformation


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Jim Funk, Global Head of Leadership Transformation at Consulus, is a recognized expert in leadership development.

With over 30 years of experience, including an executive role in a large healthcare organization in the U.S., Jim has personally coached senior leaders, physicians and professional contributors in a variety of roles.

He has designed and delivered leadership formation and development programs for senior leaders across the U.S. to strengthen and transform them to be at their best and achieve superior results.


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