Our goal is to help Laotian enterprises transform, discover their purpose, upgrade their management and innovation capacity to help them become resilient and meet the challenges of Industry 4.0 in a sustainable way.

The capabilities and the type of solutions that we provide in Consulus Laos.

  • Business Transformation Solutions – PurposeCORE 75% 75%
  • Place economy and real-estate transformation – PlaceCORE 25% 25%

Our work includes:

  1. Transforming a company’s business model, help them build the capacity for innovation and create their own intellectual property.
  2. Transform places, cities with purpose-driven innovation to ignite economic growth and development


Industry 4.0 is bringing massive disruption to industries and Laos will be affected too. In recent years, real estate and tourism has continued to do well for the country but as the economy evolves, a knowledge-based approach is essential.

Laos has a vibrant entrepreneurial community and  Consulus strong capabilities in transformation, an integrated solution that brings together business, organization and branding will be very suited to the development of Lao enterprises. With a global presence from ASEAN to the European Union, Consulus is well-positioned to help Lao enterpries expand overseas.

Consulus Laos will be based out of Vientiane and will be part of the Mekong Regional Circle in Consulus which now includes Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.

About Sindavanh Manivong – Country Director at Consulus Laos
Sindavanh Manivong is an entrepreneur with 10 years of banking and finance experiences in charge of handling multiple tasks in financial market, investment decision and in management the team.

She worked at Banque Pour Le Commerce Exterieur. She also has been involved in founding of Shopping-D.online, a platform in digital and services field. She is recognized as a leading woman and a member of Business Network International (BNI) in Laos.

Sindavanh Manivong

Sindavanh Manivong

Country Director for Consulus Laos

Contact Details

Email: info@consulus.com
Laos becomes the 12th Country to join Consulus Global Network

Laos becomes the 12th Country to join Consulus Global Network

Singapore, 15th February 2018: Consulus continues its commitment to growth within ASEAN by announcing its entry into Laos. Today, the firm announces the appointment of Sindavanh Manivong as Country Director for Consulus in Laos. “ASEAN as a bloc will continue to...

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