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Our goal is to help Indian enterprises define their purpose, upgrade their management and innovation capacity by helping them redesign their businesses to meet the challenges of Industry 4.0 in a sustainable way.

The capabilities and the type of solutions that we provide in Consulus India.

  • Business Transformation Solutions – PurposeCORE 75% 75%
  • Place economy and real-estate transformation – PlaceCORE 25% 25%

Our work includes:

  1. Transforming a company’s business model, help them build the capacity for innovation and create their own intellectual property.
  2. Transform places with purpose-driven innovation to ignite economic growth and development



Consulus India is led Tom Thomas and Verghese Joseph two senior business veterans to help Indian companies redesign their business models.


Industry 4.0 is bringing massive disruption to industries, especially sectors of IT and manufacturing in India. Quite often, jobs are sacrificed as companies re-invent themselves. This goes against the very aim of entrepreneurs and companies creating jobs so as to lift people from the vicious cycle of poverty.  The Consulus method is one where all stakeholders work in unity as they embrace change. There are no losers and everyone is a winner, and in fact the Consulus model is to give back to the bottom of the pyramid.  This is a difference from traditional consulting companies approach.


Consulus India is based out of Bangalore and is part of the South Asia Zone in Consulus which now includes Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka.


About Tom Thomas – Senior Consultant at Consulus India
Tom is an entrepreneur with 25 years of global business experience and has been involved in founding of two companies in the areas of IT services and manufacturing of automobile components.  He has experience in setting up Offshore Development Centres, Building Client Relationships and Managing manufacturing operations.


About Verghese V Joseph – Senior Consultant at Consulus India
Verghese V Joseph comes with over 20 years business journalism experience. He has a been part of the editorial teams in various capacities in organisations such as The Times of India, The Economic Times, The Financial Express and Lokmat Times. He also headed the Industrial Economist, a fortnightly business magazine as its Executive Editor. He was the Editorial Director of the LSE-listed media firm United Business Media.

Tom Thomas

Tom Thomas

Senior Consultant at Consulus India

Verghese V Joseph

Verghese V Joseph

Senior Consultant at Consulus India

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See this Consulus Presentation in Mumbai in 2012

Change through Collaborative Power: B.PAC

Change through Collaborative Power: B.PAC

Bangalore Political Action Committee aims to engage the public in political processes to facilitate good governance, greater accountability and better transparency within the government.

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