Making Sustainability Business-Viable

We need bigger moves to transit the economy faster towards sustainability

As a sustainability leader and changemaker, we need to think out of the box and help our leaders to see sustainability viable as a business.

Clara Kwan

The Struggle to Build Movements for Sustainability, Apr 2023

Embracing climate action is both a crucial and valuable journey. With two decades of corporate transformation expertise, we’re your perfect partner in navigating the challenges and sparking creative change.

Our Approach

Businesses face the challenge of aligning with climate action. Enter ImpactCORE, Consulus’ method for pragmatic and sustainable transformation. We analyze finances and climate impact, crafting a winning path for the planet and your business. Our solutions cover investment, business model innovation, organizational transformation, and digital tools for impactful change.

RISE Design Method for Business


Review the business and identify 10-20% of the business to pivot to sustainability


Create vehicles to draw investment into the businesses


From the revenue generated from these new businesses, sustain the transformation of the business towards full sustainability


Then from there become a market maker to impact the broader economy through a business model

ImpactCORE for Individuals


What impact would you make: A change movement guiding formula



  1. What positive social/environmental impact are you trying to achieve?
  2. How can you measure monitor impact performance? 



  1. Who are the stakeholders?
  2. What networks do you need to engage and build consensus?



  1. How can you reframe or redefine current operations?
  2. What are the value opportunities that you can capture?
Clara Kwan

Clara Kwan

Global Head, Sustainability and Impact Investment


Clara Kwan, a luminary in sustainability and impact investment. As Global Head of Sustainability at Consulus and Chief Sustainability Officer at DesignFutures Venture, Clara holds an Executive MBA from Kellogg and a Bachelor of Law (Honors) from NUS. With expertise spanning strategic decision-making, ESG integration, and portfolio management, she has held key roles in a green independent power producer. A certified mediator and qualified attorney across multiple jurisdictions, Clara’s influence extends globally.


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