Impact-oriented forum, Shape the World Summit Singapore 2022 gathers enterprises, social impact entities and leaders to shape future resilience.

Jun 1, 2022 | News & Updates, Press, Singapore

Shape the World Summit 2022 reconvenes in-person at The Swissotel, The Stamford. It is set to attract more than 150 global leaders and industry players from 12 countries as they gather to share solutions and ideas on how to shape future resilience by design

Singapore, 1 June 2022 — The global COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many businesses and operations. Yet, the pandemic saw many inspiring examples of resilience and how some businesses and leaders have emerged stronger from the crisis. With this in mind, the theme for this year’s summit is “Future Resilience by Design”. This signature summit of global innovation by design firm Consulus, seeks to present a variety of examples and solutions on how to impact a better economy in resilient ways from companies, social enterprises, infrastructure and personal development. 

The summit which will begin at Singapore 2pm (GMT +8) is expected to draw speakers from 13 international organizations from 12 countries, and will draw 150 delegates from Asia, Europe, and North America; from the public sector, business, and civil society who have committed themselves to shape a resilient future by design. 

TRACK 1Future Resilience by Design in Enterprises

Success leaves clues. This track will feature companies and leaders who will share how being Cause-driven, having a Culture of Trust, a clear and Creative Vision, and a Competent Pivot shapes future resilience. 

Topics include:

  • How to Use Data to Shape Approaches for Future Resilience by Ms Helena Pham, Partner at Consulus Global and Managing Director of Consulus Vietnam
  • Resilient Transformation for a Traditional Enterprise by Mr Wilson Teo, Managing Director at TEO Holdings​​ and President of Textile and Fashion Federation Singapore​​
  • Future Resilience Through Digitalization by Mr Stephen Raj, Partner at NCS

TRACK 2 – Future Resilience by Design in Infrastructure and Places

The pandemic has transformed places and infrastructure. With social distancing, it was challenging to sustain developments and projects. This track will explore creative ideas and experiences on how leaders and organizations managed to shape future resilience through their projects. 

Topics include:

  • How to Build a PlaceCORE for Future Resilience by Mr. Gino Bulan, Country Director of Consulus Philippines
  • Shaping Places of Resilience for a Nation by Mr. Dzung Do Nguyen, Co-founder and CEO at enCity Urban Solutions
  • ESG and Shaping Resilient Projects- Experiences and Approach by Mr Melvin Tan, Group Managing Director of Cyclect
  • How to use Design to Shape a Resilient Place Identity by Mr Vincent Chee, Deputy Director for Design at Consulus Global 

TRACK 3 – Startups, Social Enterprises and Future Resilience by Design

The rise of entrepreneurship is helping to transform industries and also change. This track shows how a new generation of entrepreneurs is shaping positive change through resilience by design.

Topics include:

  • How to define Purpose and Value for Startups and Social Enterprises by Ms Rebecca Teo, Deputy Head for Strategic Perspectives at Consulus Global
  • Resilient Solution for Food Waste, a Vision by Mr Sean Tan, Founder and CEO at Insect Feed Technologies
  • Creative Ways for Artistic Resilence, the Purpose of a Sarawak Art Gallery by Ms Luna Yeo, Saradise Gallery Manager
  • Transforming Lives through the Cleaning Industry by Mr Ang Feng Yao, Business Development Manager of One Heart Cleaning 

TRACK 4 – Leadership and Future Resilience by Design

Dealing with COVID-19 and its related challenges – the most successful change is led by purposeful leaders who can inspire resilience in their people and shape positive change. This track will feature ideas and experiences of how individuals can stay resilient and pivot over many different phases in life.

Topics include:

  • How to Become a Resilient Future Leader by Design by Mr Jim Funk, Global Senior Fellow for Leadership at Consulus
  • Serial Entrepreneurship for Resilience by Mr John Chew, Co-Founder and Director of Informatics
  • How to Shape a Resilient Mindset by Ms Gwendolyn Thong, CEO and Co-founder of Chatty Caterpillar 
  • Lessons of Resilience as a Woman Leader: From IBM to Parliament by Ms Janet Ang, Nominated Member of Parliament and Former Managing Director of IBM Singapore

A special keynote dinner event will also be held in the evening from 7pm for invited guests only. Known as the DesignFutures Keynote, it will feature headline speakers with an ability to shed light on where the future can be. 

This summit is a hybrid event organized by Consulus at Swissotel The Stamford and will be streamed live via Zoom for ticketed participants.

The world has been comprehensively disrupted so resilience is important for us as individuals and organizations to comprehend and grasp the key to achieving sustainable growth. We need to understand how people, organizations and enterprises cope with disruptive scenarios and even leverage them as a springboard to rise above challenges and emerge stronger from crises. Here at the summit, we will be able to learn new approaches and ways to do so together. We will also be sharing our insights from transforming companies during the pandemic and how resilience can be shaped by design,” said Stanislav Lencz, Chairman for Consulus Global Network.

For more information about Shape the World Summit 2022, please visit the event page at:

About Shape the World Summit 2022

Consulus is the convener for Shape the World Summit (STWS), a creative thought-leadership event aimed at providing design-led strategies to inspire companies to transform their business and organizational models to shape a better world. More than 7,000 delegates have participated in STWS from around the region since 2005. The conference was launched in Singapore and has been held in the Philippines, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Thailand and Myanmar. 

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