Hummingbird International to represent Consulus Singapore as business design consultants

Feb 13, 2013 | News & Updates, Sri Lanka

Consulus Singapore appointed Hummingbird International (HBI) as their country representatives for Sri Lanka and Maldives to provide business design solutions to local organizations.  The agreement of the partnership was exchanged at the recently concluded Shape the World Initiative, between Lawrence Chong, CEO, Consulus and Shiraz Latiff, CEO/lead consultant, Hummingbird International.  Jointly organized by both companies, the event focused on the topic of ‘Creating Leading Corporate Brands in Sri Lanka’ for an exclusive crowd.

Lawrence Chong, CEO of Consulus and President of Design Business Chamber Singapore explored the trends and challenges affecting the rise of Asian brands and Sri Lanka brands; organizational strategies to enable collaboration and innovation; fresh strategic perspectives derived from an integrated business and design approach.

Consulus Pte Ltd. is a brand consultancy dealing with Identity Branding with Business Design and Design for Business capabilities. Together with an inclusive and integrated people development strategy, Consulus helps nurture sustainable and long-standing brand cultures. Consulus has been involved in complex million-dollar projects in fast-growing sectors such as banking and retail in 17 cities from New York to Singapore, since 2004.

Hummingbird International is a regional knowledge house specializing in coaching, consulting and outsourcing. Through collaborations across the globe with dynamic specialist organizations like Consulus, and Kotler Impact, Strategy Academy, to name a few, Hummingbird brings in expertise in areas of strategy, marketing, branding, soft Skills, sales and leadership.

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Consulus Elects First Chairwoman: Helena Pham

Consulus Elects First Chairwoman: Helena Pham

This week, during the 5th Annual Consulus Global School, conducted in a hybrid format with Consulites in attendance from 12 countries, Ms Helena Pham was elected as the Global Chairwoman for 2022 to 2023.

Consulus to cease integrating DPI Asia into the group

Consulus to cease integrating DPI Asia into the group

After a year of seeking a way to integrate DPI Asia into Consulus, both parties have decided to cease the process due to divergence in business directions. This shall take place with immediate effect. Both parties agree to collaborate on a project basis only. As part...

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