Social Enterprises, are you ready to grow?

Consulus, together with the Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise, raiSE, invite Social Enterprises (SE) in Singapore to embark on a growth journey with the raiSE Grow B.I.G. (Grow in Business, Impact, Good) Programme.

Pivot Your SE Business In the “Never Normal” Age

The raiSE Grow B.I.G. Programme is a targeted transformation programme to help your SE move from Survivability to Sustainability to emerge as Resilient and Relevant in the “Never Normal” Age.

The programme is designed to help SEs navigate with purpose and minimise uncertainty, through a proven approach that involves mapping out threats and opportunities, to re-strategize and pivot to new opportunities for scalability, and to redesign key activities for greater social impact. The programme is structured to allow immediate implementation of the new roadmap and to guide you throughout its entire duration.

Insights – Realistic assessment of strengths and weaknesses

Implementation – Co-implementation of designed business roadmap

Impact – Focus on expanding capabilities for greater social impact


What can I expect?

A 12-week intensive programme to chart and kickstart the implementation of your corporate resilience roadmap. It is designed using Consulus PurposeCORE methodology to help SEs shape purpose-driven growth and to future-proof the businesses for sustainable impact.

This is a fast implementation programme as Consulus will help to implement some new processes and initiatives:

  • Identify new business opportunities to future-proof beyond Covid-19.
  • Implement new processes and programmes in your  business, organisational and branding model to realise change.
  • Learn to create holistic impact through a robust impact framework

Future-proof your growth and impact

Financial Sustainability

Define a strategic growth roadmap and identify new revenue streams to increase financial performance and future-proof your company.


Scale your social impact through an impact model to formulate your impact strategy and measure your impact.


Enhance your organisational capabilities to scale your business and social impact.

Who should apply?

Submit your interest if you are a SE in the growth stage with:

  • A viable business model with scalable revenues before the pandemic.
  • Management and team committed to implementing initiatives, with at least 2-3 core members actively participate in the programme and provide requested detailed business information during and post programme.
  • Management and team that are open-minded and ready to embark on an intensive transformation programme to re-strategize and implement the new processes and programmes designed with the assistance of Consulus for survivability and sustainability.
  • Social Enterprise Start-ups with the potential to scale may indicate interest as well.

Programme Overview

Participating Social Enterprises will be guided through a fast-track Organisational Health Check to understand their current position, uncover business opportunities or growth barriers; and develop key capabilities critical to achieve business growth and sustainability. Throughout the programme, you will be coached in the development of your company’s business roadmaps and the implementation of key growth-oriented projects.

Business Impact Review

1-on-1 consultancy to review business strengths and weaknesses to identify new opportunities for growth

New Sales Pivot

Co-create new sales processes for strategic business development and revenue growth

New Operations Pivot

Redesign and co-implementation of processes to enhance capabilities for scalable operations

New Impact Pivot

Co-design new impact model for social impact growth

Programme Enrolment

This programme only accepts a maximum of 8 SEs that best meet the programme criteria. SEs must demonstrate full commitment in the 12-week intensive consultancy programme consisting of:

  • Phase 1: Business Impact Analysis & Covid-19 Pivot Plan
  • Phase 2: Just-in-Time (JIT) Implementation on Sales, Operation and Social Impact to triangulate for strategic growth and social impact
  • Phase 3: Performance Measurement

Subsidy for raiSE Members

The full programme fee is $25,000 per SE. raiSE wil be subsidizing 75% of the programme fee. Shortlisted raiSE SEs will only need to invest 25% of the programme fee.


Hear from leaders from the first cohort

During the engagement, we evaluated what were the key drivers to the success of our business. After understanding the drivers, we adjusted our value proposition to our customers such as crafting our purposes, vision, social mission, and brand message. With this customer value proposition, we were able to create a game plan to bring this value to our customers. This included developing a forecast model, a hiring plan and an execution plan for each team within the company as well as a fund-raising plan. The big result coming out of Grow B.I.G was that we are now more focused on what’s important to our customers and our business.

CEO, BeamandGo

Grow B.I.G was an eye-opening experience! It was refreshing and humbling to have someone else look at the company in such detail and assemble the big picture for us. The insights from different metrics and functions that we either had not realised or took for granted, provided us with workable frameworks to create more focus, consistency and clarity in our operations, branding and overall direction. Refocusing our efforts to keep the business in a sustainable position during the pandemic would enable us to carry on with work that we do and the social impact that we are striving to achieve.

Co-founder, MYPX (Innervate Fitness)

I realise that having passion alone is not enough. In order to meaningfully help my people to rebuild their lives, I have to be very intentional in living out Infinite’s purpose. Through the programme, I have gained greater clarity on how to scale my business, empower my core team, build professional management capabilities and create an inclusive and empathetic environment to accentuate positive performance.

Jabez Koh

CEO, Infinite Transport


Meet the multidisciplinary team who will embark on this journey with you

Lawrence Chong

Lawrence Chong

Group CEO

Helena Pham

Helena Pham


Jeffrey Chiu

Jeffrey Chiu


Rawi Ahmed

Rawi Ahmed


Steven Tan

Steven Tan

Director for SMEs and Retail Strategy

Vincent Chee

Vincent Chee

Deputy Director for Design

Rebecca Teo

Rebecca Teo

Deputy Head for Strategic Perspectives

Kannon Kwan

Kannon Kwan

Design Consultant

Stanislav Lencz

Stanislav Lencz

Regional Director Europe

Sharon Kam

Sharon Kam

Head, China and Creative Strategies

Syafiq Zainal

Syafiq Zainal


Redesign for Resilience and Growth for your enterprise now.

Singapore Centre for Social Enterprise, raiSE

As an ecosystem builder, raiSE seed and nurture new social enterprises by providing advisory services, programmes, training, and resources. They enable existing social enterprises to grow and become sustainable by providing financing options, capacity building and mentorship.

raiSE seeks to connect with social enterprises and intermediary bodies in the region and share best practices with each other.

As there is a global shift in mindsets from a commitment to shareholders to a focus on stakeholders instead, therefore raiSE advocates for corporations to explore new and innovative ways to contribute to the development of the social enterprise sector. SMEs and MNCs in Singapore who are looking for more sustainable ways of corporate social responsibility can opt to make social enterprise a big part of their ESG goals and sustainability reporting plans.

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