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25 – 27 October, 2019

Developing Leaders for Industry 4.0

Overall Purpose of the Global Leaders For Unity Executive Course (GLUEC):

To prepare leaders in business and organizations with the knowledge, skills and abilities needed to navigate the challenges of today’s world and remain competitive, impactful, profitable and viable in this age of disruption for the fourth industrial revolution.


GLUEC is conducted under the Global Studies Centre at Sophia University Institute in partnership with Consulus.


According to the World Economic Forum, by 2022 the top skills needed for jobs of the future will be analytical thinking and innovation, active learning and learning strategies, creativity, originality, and initiative. The HERO leadership competency model we use for GLUEC equips leaders with these skills, and provides a leadership approach that will help them shape the future.

HERO of our time

HERO is the competency model that we apply to all our leadership development programs

Heart and Spirit
This is about the personal virtues, values, and character strengths that one possesses which inform decisions and actions.

Embracive Thinking
This is about the mental capacity and capability to learn new information, think critically, embrace diversity of thought, and apply knowledge to real situations.

Relational Dynamics
This is about one’s physical presence, habits and emotions, It also includes how one relates to people and is aware of one’s own presence and that of others.

Operational Leadership
This includes all the capabilities that are needed for functional leadership, such as creating a vision, developing followership, planning, directing, and executing
 to achieve results. 

Course Objectives

Leaders who attend this course will be able to:

Become Leaders for a New Age

Learn to be a leader for the new age, and to apply the principles of transformational, person-centered, purpose-driven leadership in their organization

Gain New Perspectives

Examine and appreciate the conditions and diverse perspectives that shape our current world, and develop a broader, more embracive approach to critical thinking and decision-making

Learn New Approaches for Strategy

Learn how to plan and work strategically and innovatively to achieve desired objectives and sustainable growth in this age of disruption for the fourth industrial revolution

Build Unity in a Divided World

Leverage influence to build unity and create new solutions in an increasingly diverse and disunified world through building relationships and effective conflict resolution

Discover Purpose, Values & Vocation

Examine and refine their personal and professional purpose, values and vocation as a leader, and create a plan for their ongoing formation and development

Network with Like-hearted Leaders

Network with leaders from different industries and cultures to learn new perspectives, build connections and relationships, and identify potential opportunities for collaboration

Who should attend?

  1. Leaders who are concerned about the present and future
  2. Leaders who seek innovative solutions to complex problems
  3. Leaders who want to help shape a more unified world with sustainable economies
  4. Leaders who are interested in advancing their leadership skills for the new age
  5. Leaders who wish to meet other key leaders from around the globe who share common goals, ideals, and vision for the future

Global Leaders for Unity Executive Course (GLUEC)

Instructional Methods: Group Dialogue and Activities (30%); Case Studies (20%); Lecture (20%); Field Trips (20%); Assessments (10%)
Personal orientation In the opening session leaders will learn the discipline of appreciative inquiry to examine the vocation of the business leader, and learn principles and practices that are important in establishing a clear purpose and vision for themselves and for their organization. In the afternoon the focus will be on values (Heart and Spirit), and participants will take a personal values assessment so they can address the alignment between their values and their organization’s mission.
New perspectives The morning session will examine and appreciate the different perspectives, concerns, and situations that shape our current world in this moment in history. Methods of discernment (Embracive Thinking) will be taught that are critical to decision-making, and to influencing and shaping a direction that considers multiple viewpoints. An embracive approach is critical to accomplishing the organization’s mission and goals. In the afternoon session key principles and practices will be taught for assessing opportunities and effective strategic planning.

How to build unity The afternoon will be dedicated to the realities of conflict all leaders face, and how to build relationships and skills for mastering conflict and leveraging it for good change (Relational Dynamics). Participants will take an assessment to reveal their preferred conflict style.

Management Design Leaders who wish to shape the world and build unity must change themselves before they seek to change the world around them. With increased self-awareness, the unifying leader can design a personal approach that best addresses one’s strengths and weaknesses. Core competencies of transformational leadership will be presented in the morning session. The afternoon session will focus on ways to sustain leadership skills (Operational Leadership) and continue to build on them through coaching, mentoring, and experiential learning.

GLUEC Faculty Bios

Jim Funk, M.S., SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Jim Funk, M.S., SPHR, SHRM-SCP

Jim directs leadership transformation world-wide for Consulus. He is a recognized expert in the development of leaders at all levels, and in the strengthening and transforming of individual leaders and leadership teams to be at their best.
more about Jim
In addition to leading the Global Leaders for Unity Executive Course, Jim is also a member of the Executive Education faculty at the Indiana University (USA) School of Public and Environmental Affairs.

  • Master’s Degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from Purdue University (USA)
  • Certificate in Organizational Development from National Training Labs (USA)
  • Society for Human Resource Management Senior Certified Professional designation
  • Over 30 years of experience in leadership roles
Paolo Frizzi, Ph.D

Paolo Frizzi, Ph.D

Dr. Paolo Frizzi is the director of the Center of Research and Training “Sophia Global Studies” and serves as Regional Director for Europe and Americas at Consulus. He is a thought leader on global trends, Industry 4.0, inter religious and intercultural engagement. He specialised in the role of diversity in integrative and unify processes within organizations and societies.
more about Paolo
Paolo Frizzi is a Lecturer at Sophia University Institute (Florence-Italy), where he has been a faculty member since 2014. He has been a keynote at global conferences in London, Glasgow, Sao Paulo, Kiev, Singapore, Jogjakarta, Manila, New York, Lisbon, Colombo, and all around Italy. Recently he spoke at the European Parliament in Strasbourg. Paolo completed his Laurea Magistrale in History at the University of Padua and his Ph.D in Culture of Unity at Sophia University Institute. You can read his thoughts in these recent articles: The Challenges of the New World Order: The disruption of Industry 4.0 and why a unified approach is needed Industry 4.0 and Its Impact on Business, Strategies for Companies
Lawrence Chong

Lawrence Chong

Lawrence is the co-founder and CEO of Consulus. Lawrence is a featured speaker at global events such as Innovation by Design, World Marketing Summit and World Brand Congress. Since 2003, he has spoken to more than 8,000 people in over 30 countries on how companies can innovate through unity and shape the world. In 2016, he spoke to 1390 people in 5 countries in Asia and Europe. 

Global Leaders For Unity Executive Course (GLUEC)

€3,000/per participant

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Tuition includes:

  • Course fees
  • Materials
  • Airport Transfer
  • Workshop venue
  • Customized tour to locality
  • Accommodation and meals for 4 nights
  • Certificate from Sophia University Institute
  • Transportation to and from the hotel and Sophia University Institute
  • Facilitation by trainers who come from different disciplines, nationalities from both Consulus and Sophia University

Tuition does not include:

  • Airfare and transportation to Florence, Italy. It will be the responsibility of participants

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