Gim Hin Lee Pte Ltd appoints Consulus for Business and Brand Innovation

Jan 30, 2015 | B2C, Clients, PurposeCORE, Singapore

Gim Hin Lee Pte Ltd, a Singapore company that specialises in the manufacture and distribution of baking ingredients and equipment has appointed Consulus to review and transform its business model in terms of value creation, people development and to create an innovative brand experience.

According to Euromonitor International, Asia has surpassed North America this year to become the world’s second largest bakery/confectionery market by retail sales value reaching an estimated US34.7 Bn. 

The demand for baked/confectionary goods will continue to soar in Asia as the region enjoys exponential growth rates and rising standards of living. This is especially so in South East Asia and as a retailer and distributor Bake King is positioned to leverage upon this development.

The exercise is expected to take 12 months.

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