Get a quick assessment and pave your next steps towards a corporate vaccine for business resilience.

A quick sense using our most comprehensive Future Resilience framework

Get an initial assessment of your current state covering these 12 aspects for a resilient organization.

The COVID-19 Survivability Assessment, a systematic process to understand how the circumstances impacted companies and how they could move towards a corporate vaccine for business resilience.

60 mins Quick Assessment for Resilience Session

In a hurry to get quick answers, simply take this quick assessment done through an initial 15 minutes survey followed by a one-hour clinic session with one of our team.




How does it work?

Step 1: Upon successful sign-up, complete an online survey on your business.

Step 2: We will contact you by the next business day to schedule the consultation session.

Step 3: Meet with one of our Senior Consultants online via zoom.



What will this cover?

DISCUSSION ON ASSESSMENT (20 minutes): Discussion of the current state of your company, current initiatives, and goals based on the responses.

SOLUTION DISCUSSION (20 minutes): Sharing and discussing the specifics and concrete ideas for implementation.

CONCLUSIONS & STEPS AHEAD (20 minutes): Outline the possible immediate actions to improve or transform for resilience.


What will be included in the report?

Summary of the current state of resilience of your organisation with highlights on the areas where you need to focus on first, as part of your business continuity plan.

Post consultation action plan summary that follows the Consulus 6Ps framework of plan, person, process, practices, promotion and performance.

Thanks to Consulus consultation we changed our attitude and perspective from reactive to proactive and realized that our role is not only to survive together with our customers but to emerge stronger after the crisis. Explicitly this means to be more than a CRM provider, to be a tech partner for serving new digital organizations in the upcoming era.

Trpimir Kvesić

Co-owner and CEO, InSky Solutions

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White Paper

COVID-19 has shaken the foundations of businesses globally. It has called for solutions to shape resilient corporations. Learn about what would a ‘corporate vaccine for resilience’ look like?

Holistic Assessment

for Future Resilience
You are willing to dedicate time and want to review comprehensively and work out a new gameplan. Then take this 4 weeks review which comes with a 2-hour workshop.


for Resilience Success
You are raring to go and shape the future and you are looking for partner to help to implement change from business model, culture, financial model, product and brand transformation.

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