Review the 12 aspects of what makes an organization resilient for the future and reshape your gameplan with us.

A comprehensive review using the latest Future Resilience framework

Get a strategic and in-depth assessment of your current state through these 12 aspects for a more resilient future.

Holistic Assessment for Future Resilience

You require a comprehensive view using data to guide your team towards making the strategic changes needed to pivot to overcome new waves of disruption.



Opportunities Mapping

4 weeks comprehensive review of the entire business, deep dive into sales, financial statements, workflows, key operation processes, organization chart.


Setting strategic direction

A 2-hour workshop with the business owner and key personnel to identify issues, map out opportunities to increase top-line and bottom-line. Scenario planning will also be done to understand which opportunities to pursue in immediate, mid and long term based on accessibility and speed.


Follow up and Follow through

Post-workshop meeting to finalise the action plan* and set up clear targets by milestones.

(*) In the event that you choose to continue with Redesign for Resilience Success pivot project(s), this action plan will be a joint-action plan for all parties involved.



It was refreshing and humbling to have someone else look at the company in such detail and assemble the big picture for us. The insights from different metrics and functions that we either had not realised or took for granted, provided us with workable frameworks to create more focus, consistency and clarity in our operations, branding and overall direction. Refocusing our efforts to keep the business in a sustainable position during the pandemic would enable us to carry on with work that we do and the social impact that we are striving to achieve.

Moses James

Co-founder, MYPX (Innervate Fitness)

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