The Blueprint of Cause-Driven Organizations

A 2-Hour Coffee Chat

In a world of constant change and uncertainty, CEOs and organizational leaders face unique challenges in steering their companies towards success. But what if there was a framework designed specifically to empower leaders like you to not just survive, but thrive amidst disruption?

Join us as we redefine leadership, drive impact, and shape the future of resilient organizations. The journey starts here. But the question is: are you ready to start?

Prior to COVID-19, fortunately with our partner Consulus, we have already defined a clear cause to fight for and a new business model to reshape the baby industry in ASEAN. When the Pandemic struck, I was forced to accelerate my plans. I was fortunate to be able to count on a great team who had to labor long hours to pivot from the exhibition business into both e-commerce and retail at the same time. It was a very stressful period but now our business model is far more resilient.

William Chin

Founder and Managing Director, Mummys Market


In this transformative 2-hour round-table coffee chat, we will unveil the blueprint for cause-driven organizations. We will explore the challenges faced by CEOs and introduce the Future Resilience by Design framework along with Consulus’ 3-States methodology to define the organizational Cause. Through case studies of companies that have successfully integrated the “Cause” into their business models, and through engaging in open dialogues, networking, and brainstorming activities, you will gain a deep understanding of what it means to develop, implement, and sustain an organization that is purpose-driven and committed to making a difference in the world.


2 hours



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Powered by 20 years of data, reshaped by the complex reality of the pandemic


A ‘Vaccine’ for Corporate Resilience has these 4Cs

Our global study found companies and organizations that were best able to maximize opportunities or overcome challenges had some or all of these four characteristics.

Does your organization have any of these 4Cs of a ‘Corporate Vaccine’ to survive coming waves of disruption?

If not, it’s not too late for a holistic assessment and to plug the gaps for a resilient future. “Getting Vaccinated” will increase your ability to pivot and maximize future opportunities.


Read the Future Resilience by Design Whitepaper  →


The 4Cs for Corporate Resilience Vaccine

Key Takeaways

Master the 4Cs framework as the key to withstanding disruptions

The 4Cs for Corporate Resilience Vaccine

Explore Consulus’ 3-States methodology to define the Cause for the organization

Networking opportunities with changemakers

Learning from case studies on successful pivots and how to apply to themselves

Who is it for?


Social entrepreneurs or mid-career professionals, executives

seeking methods to drive organizational innovation and impact through a cause-driven business model tailored to your business environments.


Organizational leaders

seeking methods to change the status quo because “Business as usual means future failure”



seeking methods to develop a cause-driven operational model and mastering the art of navigating uncertainties

Most small and medium-sized enterprises in Vietnam are not systematically established, have limited capital, and lack experience in human resource management. We are extremely eager to learn from experience and receive professional consulting to help us contribute to shaping the world.


Mr. Tran Van Le

Director, Phuong Linh Industrial Fan Company

I am very indebted to Consulus and how Lawrence in particular was able to give me clarity on my purpose to develop the Strategic Plan for my ministry better as well as provide clarity to the Strategic Plan itself which has made it much more implementable in the long run. I am honoured and privileged to have been helped to achieve this much-valued added perspective to my portfolio.


Hjh Lailatul Zuraidah Binti Hj Mohd Hussain

Senior Special Duties Officer, Head of the Public Relations Unit Stakeholder Relations and Facilitation Division,, Ministry of Communications, Brunei Darussalam


The programme will be conducted in person for 2 hours, including 30 minutes coffee break and networking


Unique challenges and opportunities faced by CEOs in today’s fast-paced business environment

Introduce the concept of “Future Resilience by Design” and its relevance to CEO leadership

Deep dive into the 4Cs

Discuss the 4Cs framework as the key to withstanding disruptions

Assess business impact by comparing organizations with full vs. partial 4Cs embedded

Cause-driven Organisations

Explore the power of purpose-driven leadership in guiding organizations through uncertainty

Learn more about Consulus’ 3-States methodology to define the Cause for the organization

Share case studies of how companies, especially those that have embedded the “Cause” in their business model, are able to maintain laser-sharp focus despite the upheavals

Roundtable Discussion

Open Forum for leaders to share Insights, challenges, and best practices on defining a Cause for their organization and embedding it in their business model

Peer-to-Peer Networking and Exchange of Ideas

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