Future Resilience by Design Series

Embrace the ‘new normal’ and thrive with Consulus’ Future Resilience by Design Training Series, shaping leaders for today’s ever-changing business world.

Powered by 20 years of data, reshaped by the complex reality of the pandemic


The COVID-19 pandemic has caused exponential shifts in society. We now live in what is called the ‘new normal.’ But how exactly do we navigate this? How do we equip ourselves with the tools to withstand the changes and ensure that our organisations remain afloat with the changing times?

With Consulus’ Future Resilience by Design (FRBD) Training Series, we seek to provide both neophytes and seasoned pros an intensive experience using our 4Cs framework and produce competent leaders ready to face the challenges of today’s dynamic business landscape.

Complimentary talk: “Future Resilience by Design” formula

Tuesday, 16 July/27 August/24 September 2024

5pm GMT+7

Method of delivery:

Module 1: Coffee chat: The Blueprint of Cause-Driven Organizations

In-person • 2 hrs

In this transformative 2-hour round-table coffee chat, we will unveil the blueprint for cause-driven organizations. We will explore the challenges faced by CEOs and introduce the Future Resilience by Design framework along with Consulus’ 3-States methodology to define the organizational Cause. Through case studies of companies that have successfully integrated the “Cause” into their business models, and through engaging in open dialogues, networking, and brainstorming activities, you will gain a deep understanding of what it means to develop, implement, and sustain an organization that is purpose-driven and committed to making a difference in the world.

Module 2: Coffee chat: Decoding 4 types of Pivot strategies

In-person • 2 Hrs

In this 2-hour Round-Table Coffee chat, we will decode the four types of pivot strategies for organizations to increase their success in pivoting their business models and gaining a new competitive edge.

Module 3: Application Workshop: Designing Cause-Driven Organizations

In-person • 2 sessions of 4 Hrs

Organizations with a greater sense of cause or purpose, especially one that is embedded in their business model, are able to maintain laser-sharp focus despite upheavals. In addition, such cause-driven companies have more robust relationships with staff, suppliers, and clients. This allows them to negotiate more favorable terms, enabling them to navigate uncertainties better. By joining this 1-day workshop, participants will have the opportunity to actively apply their learning to the practical task of designing organizations that are purpose-driven, socially responsible, and capable of creating meaningful change in the world.

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Module 4: Application Workshop: Applying the method of building “Circles of trust” organization

In-person • 2 sessions of 4 Hrs

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Module 5: LeadershipCORE Form Module (Cohort approach)

In-person • 4 sessions of 4 Hrs

Built on 16 years of insights into leadership and organizations, HERO is the competency model we apply to all our leadership development programs. Through case studies of successful leaders who have mastered these strategies, and through engaging in open dialogues, networking, and brainstorming activities, you will gain a deep understanding of what it takes to develop, implement, and sustain effective leadership in a dynamic industry.

This transformative leadership formation program spans four sessions of four hours each. Designed for early-career C-level executives and middle management teams, this program will help participants adapt to changing client needs and market demands.

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Module 6: Application Workshop: Applying Pivot strategies

In-person • 2 sessions of 4 Hrs

Coming soon

What changemaker attributes are you looking at to deliver?

Discovering and seeing through Changemakers lens

Changemakers operate in a challenging environment where resistance to change, lack of trust, and the need for resilience and sustainability present significant obstacles. By seeing through the lens of Changemakers, organizational leaders can better prepare themselves to create lasting and positive impact on society.

Learning from case studies on successful pivots and how to apply to themselves

Learning from successful pivots—which involves leadership, interdisciplinary collaboration, trust-building, and a commitment to resilience—provides Changemakers with a roadmap to navigate their current challenges. By studying how others have successfully adapted to resistance, complexity, trust issues, and sustainability concerns, Changemakers can apply these lessons to their own contexts. Embracing these strategies can help Changemakers turn obstacles into opportunities for impactful and sustainable progress.

Pivoting business to fortify resilience

For organizational leaders and Changemakers, pivoting to build resilience involves addressing resistance to change, fostering interdisciplinary collaboration, building trust, and ensuring long-term sustainability. In doing so, you can drive impactful, cause-driven business models that thrive in a dynamic environment.


“Most small and medium-sized enterprises in Vietnam are not systematically established, have limited capital, and lack experience in human resource management. We are extremely eager to learn from experience and receive professional consulting to help us contribute to shaping the world.”

Mr. Tran Van Le, Director of Phuong Linh Industrial Fan Company, Vietnam

“I had attended many workshops and seminars done by Boston Consulting, Mc Kinsey and a lot of others when I was with my previous companies. I find that the workshop here is very focused and objective which helps us to get something implementable”

Mr. Tai Hui Aw, Former Advisor at Saradise, Malaysia

“Thanks again for conducting and facilitating the workshop. I admire the way you had steered it to a successful conclusion”

Dato Hj Alaihuddin POKDG Hj Mohd Taha Ministry of Communications, Brunei

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