Frost The Trail: running for the community as a community

Dec 11, 2014 | English, Singapore, TheColumnist, World Company Day

In this series we feature World Company Day (WCD) Signatories from around the world. We hope that these stories will encourage you, that you too can make a difference in your daily work.

Frost & Sullivan Corporate Challenge or ‘Frost the Trail’ as it is popularly known will be holding its 10th edition in 2015. This event encourages the corporate sector to unite for worthy causes as well as to build stronger ties within the business community. WCD gets in touch with a representative of Frost & Sullivan about why the event is important for the community.

World Company Day (WCD): What do you do as a company?

Frost & Sullivan (FS): We provide market research and consulting services and we support our clients in achieving transformational growth.

WCD: Can you share a story that best describe the culture of your company?

FS: The Frost & Sullivan family is one that is close-knit, warm and works together to make things happen. Besides coming together for Corporate Social Responsibility efforts such as ‘Frost the Trail’, the team also comes together often for various team games such as bowling, badminton and Futsal to spend time together.

WCD: What is the purpose of ‘Frost the Trail’ and why is it important?

FS: Frost the Trail is a run with a difference. This corporate charity run pits corporation against corporation and channels 100% of the proceeds to our chosen beneficiary. After the run, runners were able to refuel at the vibrant breakfast carnival where food and drinks were made available.

Frost & Sullivan believes in giving back to the community and helping the underprivileged. Besides garnering donations for a good cause, it also encourages staff, friends and corporate partners alike to pursue an active lifestyle whilst developing a healthy appreciation for nature and the environment. In conclusion, Frost the Trail Singapore 2014 helped to raise more than SGD140 000, with 100% of the proceeds going directly to this year’s adopted charity, Bright Hill Evergreen Home.

The corporate community comes together for a cause and for a fun day.

WCD: Why do you think it’s important to involve other corporate entities?

FS: In addition to raising funds for our adopted charity, we also hope to increase awareness about their needs so more corporations and individuals will get to know them and hopefully come forward to help so there is sustained aid for them.

WCD: Can you give an example of how this event has impacted upon the lives of your staff?

FS: It has encouraged our staff to pursue a more active lifestyle at the office. As a result of our event, a weekly running club was even formed.

The event has even encouraged staff to form running groups.

WCD: Have you seen the impact the event has made on your previous beneficiaries and do you see the changes that have been made?

FS: Our belief is that the elderly are one of the pillars of our society and this motivates us to do something for this group. We feel that they are often the forgotten, hence our support for our chosen charity – Bright Hill Evergreen Home, whom we have been supporting for four years. However our support does not end with just a yearly event. Throughout the year, members of our staff regularly visit the home to engage the residents in various activities such as singing, playing games and chatting with them. Receiving material goods aside, the residents enjoy spending time with us as we help brighten up their day.

WCD: What is your hope for this event in the years to come?

FS: We hope that ‘Frost the Trail’ will grow from strength to strength for years to come, so as to make a difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate. We are hope that companies who are inexperienced in this aspect will continue to use this platform and later to reach out on their own in a bigger way so that more people can benefit.

A community united can do so much more.

World Company Day was officially launched on 15 August 2013 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam as a world-wide initiative by Shape the World Conference. Today, companies shape every aspect of our lives. From creating opportunities, influencing choices, managing resources of the earth, the way business is conducted can and should be for the greater good. This is why it is important to have an annual day to celebrate the good that companies are doing all around the world and encourage others to do the same. We invite all companies to join us and henceforth commit to building companies that will shape a better world and to advocate the United Nations to set aside 15th of August as World Company Day. More details and pledge here:

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