Exploring the Tapestry of Identities through Video Stories

Jan 28, 2014 | Case Study, Civilisation, Columnist, News & Updates, Non-Profit

The Columnist interviews Beth Katz, Founder and Executive Director at Project Interfaith, an organisation committed to growing understanding respect and relationship among people of all different faiths and beliefs and cultures. A big part of their work recently has comes through their most ambitious project, RavelUnravel.com, a multimedia initiative that has gathered more than 1.000 videos to date. RavelUnravel uses stories because the organisation believe that the most powerful way to change people’s attitudes and beliefs about someone who may be different from them is through show them the human dimension. It’s through helping people connect with each other on a very human level. Stories are one of the most powerful ways people connect with one another. Watch the video interview below for more.

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