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Establishment of Consulus Slovakia, a full-fledged member of Consulus Global Network

Oct 19, 2019 | English, Events, News & Updates, Press, Slovakia

Bratislava – In response to the urgent challenges of the globalised world, and in preparation of the potential impact of the 4th industrial and technological revolution, a group of consultants and entrepreneurs have united to establish Consulus Slovakia, a full-fledged partner firm in the Consulus Global Network, expanding the firm’s presence in Europe. They aim to serve through delivering Consulus’ services and solutions in Slovakia and Europe.

Consulus Slovakia has been established to meet the hopes and needs of leaders, professionals and teams inspired by the spirit of deep and purposeful relationships. It seeks to help companies, institutions and entire cities navigate with purposeful action in these turbulent and difficult times. The unique design thinking-based approaches of Consulus will be the used to enable leaders to not merely manage, but to lead change – that is planned and implemented by design, in unity and multiplicity of the diversities present – towards the development purpose and unity-driven entrepreneurial model of business. 

An integral part of the launch of Consulus Slovakia is the Consulus Regional School, where almost 30 consultants, entrepreneurs and subject-matter experts from different industries and fields gathered to learn more about Consulus and get insights on its unique consulting experience and excellence.

“We want to grow gradually, winning more and more ‘crazy ones’ – to quote Steve Jobs – who have realised (during their personal and professional careers) an urgent need to shape their lives and activities around true human values. So, they will bring a new impetus of truth-based innovation and change to the organisations, companies and institutions that they lead and serve. This is the only way to perform an effective shift to a knowledge-based society, to perform a deeply human-centric digital transformation and grow from Industry 4.0 to what we call Humanity 4.0. For this vision, we will cooperate with people, companies and organisations of goodwill, work through our Social Impact Program and entrust the accomplishment of this gigantic task to the Divine Providence,” added Stanislav Lencz, Country Director for Consulus Slovakia and Regional Director for Consulus Europe.

“The launch of Consulus Slovakia is a truly special moment, as it marks the official start of the presence of Consulus in Europe that has been growing over the years. What this moment also means is that Consulus now has a real opportunity to expand our influence in Europe, starting with the Consulus presence and talent we have in the strong leadership of Stano Lencz, and the enablement provided by his colleagues Martin, Tomáš and others. The Consulus methodologies, philosophies, and people are exactly what Europe needs to be prepared for the disruption of the 4th industrial revolution. Congratulations to Stano and may Consulus shape the leaders, businesses and organisations in Slovakia and Europe!” Said Mr Jim Funk, Chairman of Consulus Global Network.

Consulus Slovakia will be based in Bratislava, Slovakia, and will serve and interconnect the existing and growing Consulus network throughout whole Europe, in tight collaboration with Consulus Headquarters and Consulus US.

About Stanislav, Country Director for Consulus Slovakia and Regional Director for Europe

Stanislav Lencz is a Senior Business Consultant devoted to making organisations, technology, communication and processes serve people.

With excellent communication and networking abilities and extensive experience in Project / Team Management, Business Solution Architecture and Solutions Design Architecture, developed along years of business development and presales support activities, he served in complex ICT delivery projects comprising also of change management and special SW&HW solutions.

After years of professional carrier covering mainly domains of Biometrics and Identity-related solutions, since 2016 he started to dedicate himself intensively to company, community and leadership consulting, networking and thought leadership, passionate into helping individuals and teams to re-discover their purpose. This maturated in early 2018 in joining Consulus as Senior Consultant and founding Consulite for Slovakia.

Main steps of his career – after studies of Mathematics and Physics on Comenius University, Slovakia and a 2-year course on Theology, Philosophy, Sociology and Social Ethics in Italy – led him through companies such as Plaut, Siemens, ATOS, Innovatrics and Consulus.

In his free time, he devotes himself to various volunteering and community development projects in Slovakia and abroad.

About Consulus

Consulus is a global innovation consultancy with multidisciplinary business and design capabilities. Since 2004, our UNIFY methodology has helped companies gain new capabilities and competitive advantage by redesigning their business models, organisational cultures and brand experiences. This enables them to sharpen their capacity to innovate and meet the challenges of Industry 4.0.

The custom-built solutions that Consulus offers have allowed our clients to increase revenue by over 138%, expand to overseas markets, develop new products and intellectual property and prepare the next generation of leaders to drive and sustain high-growth.

Today, Consulus is present in Singapore (World Centre), Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, Brunei Darussalam, India, Italy, Laos, Myanmar, New Zealand, Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, United States of America, and Vietnam.

Consulus is also a member of the Economy of Communion business network.

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