Building Internal Capacity to Sustain Innovation

Companies often struggle with innovation because they can’t attract the right racers(creative talent) to help them win in the race of innovation. Our role is to create the environment and raise the brand profile so as to attract racers to join the team in order to sustain innovation initiatives.

Our Approach
With a decade of experience in selecting and managing creative people, we know what it takes to build a creative culture and put in place a process to allow innovation to take root in an organisation. 

Tweet this: Innovation is not about the idea but the ability to draw believers who relentlessly seek the answers that have eluded others.

Build an internal team for the information age

In this information age it will only become harder to capture people’s attention. Our team of strategists, designers, communicators and developers understands what it means to seize every opportunity to engage your customers on the web and social media platforms. With this experience, we are best to help recruit, train and monitor the performance of your team as they take on new challenges

An internal team with the sensibility of meaning and culture

We believe that events are wonderful opportunities to start new traditions unique to the brand. With the purpose model as a reference point we train internal teams to identify rituals, languages and concepts that will allow the brand to truly own an event. Then we monitor how the teams are able to harness those events as opportunities to build enduring relationships with customers.

Build a new generation of marketing and communication team.

With the same beliefs we apply to organisational transformation, we help support and train internal teams to be more agile in this age. Be it conducting market research, training marketing staff or launching unique marketing initiatives, we focus on how we can bring about a sustained competitive advantage and transform market practices.

  • Lack internal team to manage innovation
  • Lack internal team to manage creative or media-related projects
  • Lack internal team to ensure customer loyalty
  • Lack teams to sustain differentiation
  • Post Corporate or Brand Transformation
  • New Product Development
  • New Service Development
  • Sustain value creation
  • Maximise returns on new investments
  • Stabilise revenue generation
  • Organisational Review and Research
  • New Innovation or Creative Strategy
  • Strategic Innovation or Creative Roadmap for Talent
  • Strategic Innovation,Marketing, Creative Initiative

The Social Media Capability Development Programme

  • Holistic social media review with recommendations on future external engagement solutions
  • Strategic policy workshop with key management and staff
  • Proposed development model
  • Campaign conceptualisation and execution
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The Internal Photography Team Programme

  • Photography strategy
  • Art Direction and Execution
  • Photography capability building for internal teams
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