DigitalCORE™ is about implementing a balanced approach with a preference for the role of persons and help companies transform and thrive in the digital economy

According to the World Economic Forum in 2016, the digital disruption has caused many well-known brands and company names to disappear from the Fortune 500 company list because their once successful businesses did not respond fast enough to become new digital business models resulting in rising unemployment and uncertainty.
Our panel of consultants in DigitalCORE have over 35 years of experience in technology and digital transformation, and we seek to reduce the number of victims of digital disruption and ensure the survival for your business.

At a glance

Step 1

Get a clear view of the technical skills and domain knowledge gaps of your workforce

Step 2

Identify suitable strategy to raise the digital technology skills of your staff

Step 3

Identify untapped digital transformation opportunities for innovation breakthroughs

Step 4

We help you implement a clear map to transform your current business to thrive in the digital economy


The purpose of DigitalCORE™ will be to collaborate with our clients to identify their digital training requirements for their staff and assist them to formulate a Digital Transformation Strategy to determine how Digital Technology may create value for the business.

We fundamentally believe that people should not be replaced by IT Technology merely to reduce the workforce. The professional skills and domain knowledge of their staff are the most valuable asset to the organization. Therefore, it is important to empower the staff to work on the Digital Transformation project to redesign their existing business processes.

The aim of the Digital Transformation project is to collaborate with our clients to respond effectively to the situation where digital disruption challenges are impacting their business.

Turning Victims into Victors of Digital Disruption

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Our method involves the following

  • Reviewing the impact of digitalisation on their industry and business

  • Determining the level of digital skills and domain knowledge of the current workforce

  • Raising Digital Technology awareness through technical training to enable the workforce to understand the benefits of deploying Digital

  • Designing a balanced digital and human transformation roadmap to ensure innovation and growth

  • Implementing a Human-centered Digital Transformation Strategy, Roadmap and Solution Development Approach

  • Leveraging on Digital Technology Solutions such as Cloud, Big Data, Virtual Reality (VR), Social Media and Mobility online services to empower human development

DigitalCORE™ Solutions

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