Promoting diverse dialogue for better business outcomes.

It is high time to embrace the power of faith and culture in business. Faith redefines sustainability, ethics and financial stability as experienced in the economic crises.

Dr. Farha Iman

Global Head of DialogueCORE

Discover faith’s impact: 85% globally follow, influencing the workforce. By 2050, faith followers rise by 23%. Join DialogueCORE for success, breaking barriers, unlocking assets, and igniting creativity. Navigate global shifts seamlessly with us.

Our Approach

Since 2004, Consulus has offered interreligious and intercultural insights. Our experience now shapes DialogueCore, a dedicated practice focusing on authentic engagement. We examine finances, policies, workforce diversity, and stakeholder dynamics, offering three-pronged solutions: policy transformation, CSR assistance, and tailored trainings and workshops.

UNITY Design Method for Interfaith & Intercultural Dialogues


Understanding the faith and culture based diversity exists among business stakeholders. Unbind their specific needs, work ethics and their guiding factors.


Networking with like-minded organisations to bring funding to normalise diversity through dialogue in corporates.


Innovating and inventing new revenue generating ideas with available diversity.


Teaming with businesses and faith experts to contribute in making world economy resilient and futuristic.


Yielding the benefits of business for all, including nature as envisaged in Economy of Communion.

Principles of DialogueCORE


Embrace diverse faiths and cultures.


Use diversity for new ideas and better work.


Know what customers like to get more of them.


No mixing beliefs, trying to convert, or talking politics.


Keep dialogue dignified.

Solutioning and Impact Network

Research Exploration

Forge partnerships with new research and faith-based groups, strengthen ties with businesses, and build a global network of faith experts. Conduct groundbreaking research on faith and business, using findings for funding, impactful strategies, future projects and training content.

Leadership Circles

In the Impact Strategy section, form a core group comprising CEOs, MPs, faith organizations, and businesses. Present research findings to amplify DialogueCORE’s impact among stakeholders.

Championing Causes

Utilize research and best practices in faith-based business. Collaborate with leaders and present DialogueORE to faith-based business forums. Showcase DialogueCORE as a comprehensive solution to complex challenges. Promote services through talks, interviews, and articles.

Dr. Farha Iman

Dr. Farha Iman

Global Head, DialogueCORE


Dr. Farha Iman has over decade of experience in faith and cultural dialogue along with theoretical understanding and practical dialogue skills. She has a doctorate degree in ‘Philosophical and Theological Foundations of Dialogue’ from the Sophia University Institute, Florence. She is a founding member of Sarva Dharma Samvaad, Delhi and served there as general secretary. She is also an interfaith dialogue fellow (Cohort 2019) of KAICIID Dialogue Centre, an intergovernmental organization, based in Lisbon.


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