Introduction of power and relevance of faith fluency in business

The Opening

Do you think faith influences the choices we make as consumers and leaders?

Do you believe that faith fluency possesses a transformative power to shift the tides of today’s corporate world?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might still be wondering: but how? Yet an even more important inquiry is: where do I start to learn about all of this?

Well, worry no more because you’ve come to the right place.

It is high time to embrace the power of faith and culture in business. Faith redefines sustainability, ethics and financial stability as experienced in the economic crises.

Dr. Farha Iman

Global Head of DialogueCORE


Presenting the power of faith and the need for faith fluency for corporates and leaders to understand their team, client and the global market. How is faith playing a crucial role in changing the global economic landscape from internal dynamics to external growth? How does faith influence our consumption choices of modern products and services?


2 hours


US$69 (*)

* All program fees include complimentary tea, coffee, and refreshments throughout the duration of the sessions

Languages available

Arabic (translation)
Italian (translation)

Cities available


Key Takeaways

Deeper understanding of the internal and external faith-based influences through talks, trainings, case studies

Faith fluency guidance from Consulus- the leading global firm on dialogue

Exclusive networking opportunities

Completion certificate and soft sticker for your social media handles by Consulus

Hard copies of supporting data primarily collected by DialogueCORE and supplementary reports and research on this subject

Online access to Consulus’ alumni circle

Who is it for?


C-Suites & Freelancers

who have diverse working populations, clients and customers from diverse faith-based backgrounds, and based in melting point cities


The programme will be conducted in person for 2 hours

Introduction of DialogueCORE and transformational model of Knowledge, Skill and Practice

Inner Dialogue: To understand the core self and otherness of others for mutual growth

Case Study of Faith Complaint Products

Roundtable Discussion with CEOs and leaders on the uniqueness and requirements of faith fluency in the business world

Open Forum discussion and questions to bring the issue of faith fluency and DialogeCORE into the discourse.



Lessons Learned


Follow Up

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