DialogueCORE Series

Fueling sustainable business resilience is no easy feat, especially at a time where faith and values are often overlooked in the field. 

With Consulus’ DialogueCORE Series, a specialised interfaith and intercultural approach, companies and freelancers will be equipped to embody sustainable business resilience and leadership excellence using the UNITY method.

Several business and global leaders are increasingly seeing value in partnerships with faith actors: in understanding critical opportunities for impact and navigating ongoing societal transitions today. These leaders go beyond basic faith literacy and apply their strategic, contextual understanding of faith communities and traditions to achieve meaningful engagement and impact through partnerships.

Strengthen organisational systems with DialogueCORE Series, uniting interfaith and intercultural values for sustainable leadership excellence.

UNITY Design Method for Interfaith & Intercultural Dialogues







Complimentary talk: The power of faith for leading team, building networks and customer base business.

Tuesday, 13 August 2024

5pm GMT+7

Method of delivery:

Module 1: The Opening: Introduction of power and relevance of faith fluency in business

In-person • 2 hrs

In this module, we introduce the power of faith and need for faith fluency for corporates and leaders to understand their team, client and the global market. What role does faith play in changing the global economic landscape from internal dynamics to external growth? How does faith influence choices of our consumption of modern products and services?

Module 2: Deep Diving: A Day focused on UNITY Model: Understanding, Networking and Teaming

In-person • 1 FULL DAY

One focused day on the UNITY framework of DialogueCore which includes Understanding, Networking, Innovation, Teaming and Yielding profitability from faith aspect. It will be the activity based discussions which will strengthen participant’s understanding and skills and enable them to utilise full potential of faith to yield unity and profitability for their company’s growth. This day will take you on the journey of companies inner and outer growth.

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Module 3: Learning and Unlearning: A detailed training on UNITY led profitability

In-person • 2 FULL DAYS

Learning and unlearning of skill beneficial for leaders to understand his/her team, clients and customers. It will enable participants to touch the human-core of their team, clients and customers. This program will equip participants with skills to build strong, mutual and long term relationships within and outside the company for resilient and futuristic growth.

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“What impressed me about Farha was her ability to enter into Catholic theological issues, she as a Muslim, and above all to understand and be able to assess and value them. What emerges from her work is a dialogical attitude that comes from experience and is transferred into the reading of both the thought and the religious dimension of the other… I emphasized how she will be an asset to the world of interreligious dialogue, both for the Muslim sphere that she is responsible for as a believer of that religion, but also for the Christian one because of the sensitivity and specific expertise, she has acquired.”

Dr. Roberto Catalano, 17th May 2023

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