Designing organisations for innovation – World Brand Congress 2012

Dec 21, 2012 | India, News & Updates, Past Seminars

Mumbai, India (24/11/2012) – About 400 business leaders and creative professionals participated at the 21st World Brand Congress held at the Taj Lands End in Mumbai, India. For the first time, design thinking and strategy was given focused attention at a sub-event titled Designomics. With the rise of India’s economy, there is a heightened awareness about the role of design in business. Lawrence Chong, CEO at Consulus, was invited to address 200 business leaders on the theme of how to design organisations for innovation.

Other distinguished speakers who spoke at Designomics included:

  • Emilio Genovesi, Managing Director of DARCmilano – Italy
  • William Harald-Wong, Founder and Chairman of The Design Alliance Asia – Malaysia
  • Preeti Vyas, Chairwoman and Chief Creative Officer of Vyas Giannetti Creative (VGC) – India
  • Pratarn Teeratada, Managing Editor of art4d –Thailand

During an interactive presentation, Chong urged Indian businessmen and creative professionals to redesign their corporate cultures. This was crucial to create an environment that will nurture innovation and build platforms to shape the world. The following 8 proven ideas for Asian Innovation were shared during the presentation:

  • Identifying purpose and meaning of the business is important to nurture ownership among staff and inspire innovation.
  • A well-designed process of leadership succession encourages innovative behavior.
  • Managing time according to purpose builds sustainable business practices that will result in better scalability.
  • Shared rituals within the company has a role to align goals and nurture collaboration.
  • Building a system is beneficial so that the company can profit from failures.
  • Recognise the role of data and the need to build a process to profit from insights
  • Use small innovative teams to achieve change quickly
  • Define and groom an internal team of curators to ensure the rise of unique experiences.

The presentation also featured case studies on how innovation made a difference in the business models and transform organisational cultures across Asia. Chong then concluded the presentation by inviting the participants to be conscious of this unique moment of history where Asia is rising. Chong reminded everyone that it is the obligation of every Asian to build successful enterprises that will shape the future. This will contribute to a more balanced global development.

During the congress, Chong also received a special Designomics Leadership Award for his role in promoting design strategy in the region. Other award winners are listed on the World Brand Congress website.

Watch his presentation, Designing Organisations for Innovation online

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