Cyclect: Engineering services group offers integrated solutions to meet growing needs in Asia

Apr 8, 2011 | B2B, Case Study, News & Updates, Press, PurposeCORE, Singapore, SME

Singapore (2 April 2011) — Local engineering services group Cyclect reached a significant milestone on 25 March with the launch of an enhanced business structure and brand experience, moving toward greater integration in delivering customised solutions for marine, infrastructure and clean energy.

Cyclect, an early player in Singapore’s marine industry, provides engineering, procurement and construction services in a wide spectrum of industries, from semiconductors and commercial projects to process plants and theme parks.

With support from International Enterprise (IE) Singapore, the lead agency that facilitates the overseas growth of Singapore-based companies, Cyclect embarked on an organisational branding exercise in 2010, working closely with Consulus, a strategic business design company, to clarify its brand and determine new areas of growth.

“The massive urbanisation in Asia is driving many opportunities for Singapore. This in turn fuels the demand for energy, and the oil and gas facilities in Asia. Cyclect is presently in the right sectors that are experiencing high growth potential,” Mr Tham Poh Cheong, Director of the Infrastructure and Environmental & Engineering Services Divisions, Corporate Group, at International Enterprise (IE) Singapore, said.

“Venturing overseas is considered a milestone for any local company, but in order to compete effectively in the overseas market, branding will be very important, and that is why IE Singapore has decided to support Cyclect in its brand journey,” Tham said.

Last Friday the group unveiled its new corporate identity, announced key strategic business changes, such as marketing its subsidiary brands, Cyclect, Aeco Plant Engineering, Mecflou and Chemicrete Enterprises under a single focused entity, and shared its plans to develop its regional presence by acquiring new technologies.

Presentation of Brand Certificate to Cyclect MD Mr Melvin Tan by Mr Lawrence Chong, CEO of Consulus. Cyclect is now officially ready to shape the world.

Presentation of Brand Certificate to Cyclect MD Mr Melvin Tan by Mr Lawrence Chong, CEO of Consulus. Cyclect is now officially ready to shape the world.

“The business research opened new pages of understanding. We learned how to explain ourselves with greater clarity and precision, so that customers will be better informed of what we had to offer. With the new brand “Completely Possible”, we recognise that it is our staff who ensure a consistently fine experience. This becomes even more important as Cyclect continues to expand,” Mr Melvin Tan, Managing Director at Cyclect, said.

“Asia will continue to experience tremendous growth for the next few decades. It is timely that emerging conglomerates like Cyclect are taking the effort to renew their business model and deliver a unique brand experience. In doing so, Cyclect has sustained its business advantage to stay ahead of the competition from the rest of Asia,” Lawrence Chong, Director for Strategy Development at Consulus said.

Nearly a hundred guests were invited to the Cyclect's official launch.

Nearly a hundred guests were invited to the Cyclect’s official launch.

Guests taking a closer look at Cyclect's new name cards

Guests taking a closer look at Cyclect’s new name cards

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