CSSi: Local tape distributor moves into medical industry, expands beyond distribution

Mar 1, 2011 | B2B, B2C, Case Study, News & Updates, PurposeCORE, Singapore, SME

Singapore, 28th February 2011 – Local Singapore firm CSS Industrial (CSSi) has reached a significant milestone by launching their new business model and brand experience. Essential to this is their attainment of ISO 13485:2003, which makes them the first tapes distributor in Singapore to be able to produce high-end medical products.

The tapes and adhesives industry has typically been looked upon as a mature and highly competitive market, but the 21 year old company has been able to innovate and create areas of growth with their expanded service offerings and cross industrial application knowledge in 7 industries. It is with this forward thinking approach that has led them to pursue certification to enter into another and more highly regulated industry. They are the first tapes distributor in Singapore to have obtained the ISO13485 standard, which enables them to provide high-end adhesive solutions to the medical industry. They are also the first among their peers in Singapore with the ability to manufacture transdermal patches and tapes, which is a growing technology for medicine delivery.

On achieving the ISO certification, Mr. Kelvin Ang, COO of CSSi, has this to say, “I am proud of the team at CSSi for securing the ISO 13485, which enables us to create new market space for ourselves. To achieve this as a distributor is not easy but this just shows that CSSi is growing to be more than that.”

They are poised to launch a new line of retail transdermal patches, the CSSi ON series transdermal patches, in select locations pending HSA licensing. While conventional patches are mostly based on the topical application of the medication contained in the patch, transdermal patches uses technology that reacts with the moisture on the skin to release the medication through the skin and into the bloodstream, which makes them more effective.

Sharing his thoughts on CSSi, Mr. Jeffrey Ho, Executive Director, DesignSingapore Council said, “I am glad to see that a distributor like CSSi has taken the bold step forward by using design to rethink its approach towards a new business experience. As the world moves towards an experience economy, global businesses are recognising the value of a user-centric approach and incorporating design strategically. It is important for our national competitiveness that businesses keep up by offering new value through design.”

CSSi worked with their appointed strategic business design company Consulus to help them redefine the boundaries of their business. Speaking about how CSSi has moved beyond distribution, Lawrence Chong, Director for Strategy Development said, “To be able to compete in the 21st century, B2B brands have to realise their full potential by developing their own intellectual property. Through a strategic application of business design & branding, it is very possible to redefine the market space and move up the value-chain.”

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