CPG Consultants And Consulus Join Forces To Turn Development Visions Into Reality

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SINGAPORE, 16 May 2016 – A comprehensive Collaboration Agreement between CPG Consultants and Consulus was signed today to help turn development plans into reality.

The partnership brings two leading globalised firms with complementary strengths, one in urban and infrastructure development and the other in business design, to serve growing development needs in Asia. Numerous development master plans and schemes are being proposed in Asia but a lack of organisational capacity and realistic planning is hampering sustainable success. The partnership aims to close this growing gap between vision and reality.

Specifically, the joint programme developed by CPG and Consulus, known as PlaceCORE, is about offering a total solution, from urban planning, architecture, space and landscape design, to business transformation, that is best fit to what a business/urban district/city can do.

Learn more about PlaceCORE here

It is the belief of both organisations that a desirable end state will require a transformation of the strengths of the organisations to ensure that development plans can be implemented.

The collaboration agreement was officially signed on May 16th, 2016 at CPG Corporation headquarters witnessed by guests from the urban development industry. Mr. Lawrence Chong, Chief Executive Officer of Consulus and Mr. Tan Shao Yen, Managing Director of CPG Consultants, represented both companies.

CPG Consultants and Consulus have worked together on various projects for more than a decade. Following this partnership, CPG Consultants and Consulus will take their working relationship to the next level and introduce an integrated method of research and solution development to help developers quickly assess the potential of their developments and organization and then build them to maximise the returns of their development projects.

“Traditionally the development consultants and the management consultants work separately, and this is not very effective for the developers. The other reality is, the key to ensuring a development plan will work out depends a lot on the organisational capacity of the developer. So we believe that the key to maximising results is to have an integrative model. The new approach here is how to bring different sets of data and practices together, remove blind spots and be able to ensure project effectiveness to maximise results,” Lawrence Chong, CEO at Consulus, said.

Through a holistic implementation program such as PlaceCORE from business strategy, master planning, architectural, organisational, development implementation to branding, it will help the developer or government agency look at issues from a multidisciplinary perspective.

“We have been partnering our friends in Consulus for more than a decade now. This formalisation of the partnership through PlaceCORE, further strengthens our relationship and the trust that we have in each other. PlaceCORE will bring together the best strengths of two types of professions – multidisciplinary urban development and business design – to realise the full potential of an urban development. CPG Consultants will play the role of shaping the built environment and the public realm based on the uniqueness of the site and Consulus will play the role of strengthening the organisations from within that will shape these developments. Through PlaceCORE, we are now able to have a joint methodology, a way to manage our learnings together and reach the market with unique value propositions and customised solutions,” Shao Yen, MD at CPG Consultants, said.

Before this launch, both companies have implemented a project based on this integrative approach for a developer in Malaysia. With rapid demand for urban development in South-east Asia and South Asia, both have assessed that a holistic approach is needed to reduce failure of implementation for development projects.


About CPG

CPG Corporation (CPG Corp) is the corporatised entity of the former Singapore Public Works Department (PWD).  With more than 2,000 talented individuals in the CPG group of companies, we are one of the leading development professionals in the Asia-Pacific region, providing a full spectrum of infrastructure & building development and management services.

Since 1833, CPG have contributed largely to the development and management of distinguished landmarks in Singapore.  Some of CPGs notable projects include the Singapore Changi Airport, Singapore Racecourse, National Gallery Singapore, Gardens by the Bay, Khoo Teck Puat Hospital, the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University campuses, and the Tuas and Woodlands Checkpoints.

Leveraging on strong track record and established Singapore brand name, CPG Corp today has expanded its portfolio to over 20 countries outside Singapore, with China, India and ASEAN being our key markets.

CPG Corps portfolio today is the epitome of professionalism and expertise in world-class infrastructure and building management.



About Consulus

Consulus is a global innovation and design consultancy with business management and multi-disciplinary creative capabilities. The firm specialises in helping companies, governments and non-profit groups achieve sustainable profit and growth by redesigning their organisations, business models and brand experiences.

Its competitive advantage comes from the insights gleaned from reviewing companies in 18 cities throughout the Asia Pacific regarding their business and organisational models since 2004. Consulus has also influenced 5,000 Asian business leaders through its annual creative thought-leadership event, Shape the World Conference (shapetheworldconference.org), held around Asia.

As of today, we have presence in Singapore (Global HQ), Vietnam, Brunei Darussalam, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Thailand, Italy, Argentina, Philippines and Bangladesh.



For further information

Please contact:

Karkal Karthik at karkal.karthik@cpgcorp.com.sg


Mohamed Sabeer at mohamedsabeer@consulus.com


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