When are we awake?

*Almost always! We are a global network covering Aisa, Europe and US time zones.

We can take your request for meetings in the following languages:

English, Mandarin, Vietnamese, Bahasa Melayu, Italian and Slovak.

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Email us at info@consulus.com
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Online workshops

We have updated and tested our new methodology for conducting online workshops, keeping engagement levels high through a variety of tools that prioritize dialogue.

All engagements on ZOOM

All face-to-face engagements such as meetings, interviews and workshops with clients will now be conducted online via ZOOM.

Global implementation

As a global network, our projects regularly involve working across several countries in different time-zones seamlessly.

80% of our work is done online

A large part of our research, ideation and collaboration processes with clients are already conducted online.

[NEW] Additional payment channels

In addition to bank transfers, you can now also choose to make payments via credit cards.

Consulus Class

We are bringing our training programmes on professional development and corporate strategy online.

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