Continuing Consulus Bangladesh’s Adventure

Apr 14, 2016 | Bangladesh, Commerce, English, News & Updates, TheColumnist

Consulus returned yet again to Bangladesh on the 31st of March 2016 when it signed a historic partnership agreement with its new partner, Roop. Consulus began the friendship with Bangladesh in 2012 after the World Marketing Summit and formed strong friendships with the talented youth of the country.

Roop, an integrated advertising agency which has now joined the global partnership of Consulus, was founded 25 years ago. Roop has helped hundreds of Bangladeshi firms gain a competitive edge by creating unique brand experiences for them. The partnership will see Roop adopt the Consulus Method of Business Design to help Bangladeshi companies transform so as to innovate and expand overseas.

The partnership was sealed at the National Design Centre with Mr Jeffrey Ho, the Executive Director of the DesignSingapore Council, gracing the occasion as the Guest-of-Honour.


The Signing Ceremony took place at National Design Centre of Singapore

This momentous agreement culminated at the end of a three-day visit by representatives from Roop, including its CEO Mr Yusuf Hasan and MD of Suvastu, Mr Nazmul Khan. The three days were packed with lively discussions on culture, history and the future of Bangladesh.  The party from Bangladesh made a number of visits to Consulus’ clients to learn about the Consulus method of innovation through business design.


Visit to learn from the MD of Teo Garments, Mr Wilson Teo

During the visits, the friends from Bangladesh had the opportunity of witnessing Consulus’ methodologies being employed in various companies operating in diverse industries from garment, interior furnishing, healthcare and urban planning. They met staff who were trained in Consulus Methods, as well as senior executives during the visits and were enlightened on the impact of Consulus’ work in shaping these firms.


Visit to learn about the Goodrich Global Leadership Centre

Watch Nazmul Haq, a developer who was part of the entourage from Bangladesh, as he shares his experience on the visit.

Why Bangladesh?

“Bangladesh is a very prospective country that is rising very fast. Although small and medium companies (SMCs) and the middle-class market are growing very fast, SMC’s do face problems with scaling up in terms of design improvement, customer service, and in other business development areas. In this respect, I think all Bangladeshi companies will benefit from this partnership.” – Nazmul Haq, MD Suvastu Development Ltd

Consulus is excited in continuing its adventure into Bangladesh as it embarks on this  partnership with Roop. Having reviewed and transformed companies in 18 cities in the Asia-Pacific over more than a decade, Consulus believes that this partnership could not have come at a better time with the booming economy in Bangladesh and its business leaders seeking to emulate successful models of growth.

News of this partnership has been featured in Marketing Interactive, Branding in Asia and AdAsia and featured in other media websites.

Watch Nawed, a senior consultant at Roop, share on what made them decide that Consulus is an ideal partner.

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