Become a Consulite to Shape the World

Join Our Global Community

We are a global community of Consulites who seek to shape a better world by transforming companies from the inside out. For anyone who has left a senior position and seeks to enter into consulting, or you are a new graduate seeking a company of purpose or an existing consultant seeking to join a global community of consultants who share the purpose of shaping a better world then we invite you to consider joining us. 

The Process of Becoming a Consulite

Consulites come from all over the world and are based globally. They are experienced individuals who join our community, participate in our community practices to learn about our methods and build unity before being assigned to project work in different continents.

There are 3 stages of review before we share with you the classes of Consulites that you can choose to be.

Stage 1

is the review of core methodology and beliefs of Consulus before submitting your personal journey to a panel of Partners of the firm.

Stage 2

is dialogue and confirmation by Consulus.

Stage 3

is selection of the Class of Consulite.

Ponder these four questions before emailing us

1. If you believe that life is more than work and that there must be something where you can make a difference.

2. If you believe that consultants work best as a community that is actively seeking purpose and is committed to building unity.

3. If you believe that innovation is not about vanity or ego but about shaping a better future, one that is a human-centered and not just about technology.

4. If you believe that companies can shape a better world through their work daily.

If your answers are yes then do email us