Consulus Philippines officially launched to help Philippine firms navigate and emerge stronger with purpose and unity

Sep 8, 2020 | News & Updates

Amidst this challenging time where many businesses are in crisis, Consulus is officially launched in the Philippines to offer solutions for innovation and growth through this period of change. Consulus Philippines will be based in Manila, working in tight collaboration with the Consulus World Centre.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced a great reset. While the new normal is still evolving, organizations must strive to evolve too. Innovation is now a necessity for organizations to face new realities. This is the time for businesses to rethink their modes of operation and to restrategize growth plans.

“We are starting at the right time, where we can be a helping hand for organizations who want to navigate through this big reset. Most of Consulus’ work is around the transformation of leaders and organizations, a key element for survival in this unprecedented crisis. In the longer term, our goal is to support the growth of Philippine-based organizations and business professionals, and to help drive economic recovery. ” says Gino Bulan, Country Director of Consulus Philippines.

Consulus Philippines seeks to help companies, institutions, even entire towns and cities navigate with purposeful action by employing unique methodologies that uncover relevant organizational and business models, and new design experiences. Len Villa, the co-founder of Consulus Philippines, simply stated their bigger purpose, “Our vision is to bring about change, to shape the world, one organization at a time.”

Consulus’ unique innovation by design approach to business model transformation involves harnessing a company’s unique advantages and core competencies to design new opportunities. Over the past 16 years, this customized approach has enabled their clients to remain agile and adaptable to changing environments.

“Organizations that choose to work with Consulus will find we are a different type of consultancy. We make sure we get to know you as people before we ever recommend the best solution for your situation. We truly see ourselves as a partner in working with our clients. The Consulus Philippines team stands ready and well- prepared to bring our innovative approaches to leaders and organizations that are ready to tackle the challenges that lie ahead as we continue through and come out on the other side of this pandemic.” says Jim Funk, Global Chairman and Head of Leadership Transformation of Consulus.

An integral part of the launch of Consulus Philippines was a free Webinar titled “Innovate your Business, Brand and Service Amidst Covid-19” organized in partnership with the People Management Association of Philippines last month on August 18. The webinar was attended by business leaders and managers all over the country.

About Consulus

Consulus is a global innovation consultancy with multidisciplinary business and design capabilities. Consulus believes that a culture of purpose and unity is essential for innovation and inclusive growth. Since 2004, Consulus has implemented systemic innovation solutions for leaders, organizations, and cities from the Americas, Asia, Europe and Oceania.

The custom-built solutions that Consulus offers have allowed clients to increase revenue by over 138%, expand to overseas markets, develop new products and intellectual property and prepare the next generation of leaders to drive and sustain high-growth.

Today, Consulus is present in Singapore, Argentina, Bangladesh, Brazil, Brunei Darussalam, India, Italy, Laos, Myanmar, New Zealand, Slovakia, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, United States of America, and Vietnam.

Consulus is a member of the Economy of Communion business network.

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