Consulus participates in the 1st Anniversary Celebration of B2B Management Magazine

Sep 24, 2013 | English, Training

B2B Management Magazine celebrated their first year anniversary on Sunday with a half-day conference, “Transforming B2B for the 21st Century”. Over 250 top business leaders from the country gathered at Traders Hotel Yangon for the celebration. During the event, Lawrence Chong, CEO at Consulus gave a keynote address about how Asian B2B companies can spark an innovation revolution to shape the world. The talk covered three core themes:

  1. Asian B2B companies must upgrade their business models to survive the disruptive trends of smart data, unique products and user-centered design experiences
  2. The key towards upgrading one’s business model lies in transforming human resource practices from one that is top-down to one that focuses more on engagement and knowledge sharing
  3. Based on Consulus research, the 3 core reasons why B2B companies don’t succeed is due to a lack of purpose, poor culture and poor discipline in execution.

The good news is that Asian B2B giants such as Huawei have already proven that once the organisation is set up for innovation, it can go very far in shaping the world.

“It’s an honour to be part of B2B Management Magazine Anniversary celebration. The magazine is a reliable source of information on Myanmar’s business issues, especially in this period of rapidly changing business environment as the country’s economy continues to open up,” Lawrence Chong, CEO at Consulus, said.

“B2B Management Magazine is one of the few publications in Myanmar that showcases the stories of local entrepreneurs, and thought-provoking articles on how B2B companies can innovate and grow,” Christina Tarigan, Senior Manager, Strategy at Consulus, said.

Acumen, the english version of the Magazine, launched in June this year. We look forward to their launch of the digital version and future issues.


About Consulus in Myanmar

Consulus is in partnership with Device Services to provide high-value consultancy that helps Myanmar Companies transform their business models and be more prepared to meet the incoming global competition as the country’s economy opens up.

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