Consulus, Parendigm launch strategic partnership to rethink parenting for a better tomorrow

Jun 14, 2024 | Press, Press Release

SINGAPORE — Global creative change firm Consulus has acquired a 15% stake in Parendigm Ptd Ltd, a parenting empowerment platform, and will join forces to “rethink parenting.” This partnership will facilitate the joint development of events, merchandise, and collaborative outputs aimed at shaping a global parenting network. Consulus will also introduce Parendigm to all its global network of partners and serve as a channel for the development of products and parenting workshops

A portmanteau of parenting and paradigm shift, Parendigm seeks to address the gaps that limit effective parenting—such as lack of reinforcement and convenient strategies—by “rethinking” existing approaches through the Parendigm Movement. With over 16 years of experience, 10,648 parents reached, and 40 events organized, Parendigm enters a new era centered on elevating the art of parenting and fostering thriving families that are more connected, joyful, and fulfilled. 

According to Eric Lim, Founder and CEO of Parendigm, “Why do we need a license to drive, but not one for parenting? Isn’t parenting a thousand times harder?” With Asia’s pioneering parenting methodology for holistic parent-child development, Parendigm provides a three-fold experience to educate, coach, and journey with parents through the company’s extensive services such as in-person workshops, personalized tools, book production, and global summits. As strategic partners, Consulus and Parendigm will work closely to acquire a member base of 1M over 5 years. 

To kick off the collaboration, Consulus will republish the best-selling book “Parendigm – Rethinking Parenting, A Creative Parenting Playbook” to be launched during the Shape the World Summit 2024 in Singapore. 

“We believe in the vision of Eric and Grace to shape a creative parenting movement which coincides with Consulus’ mission of supporting Changemakers around the world. It’s a great investment,” said Lawrence Chong, Group CEO of Consulus. 

Learn more about Parendigm through the eyes of its CEO and Founder, Eric Lim, here.

About Parendigm

Parendigm is a movement that bridges and shapes the parenting knowledge gap in Southeast Asia. In the years to come, the organization seeks to reach a million parents through workshops, retreats, products, and technological initiatives to help parents in Singapore and Asia rediscover their own key to parenting.

About Consulus

Consulus is a global creative change firm serving persons, companies, and cities in their transfiguration for an Economy of Communion. Consulus believes that purpose and unity are essential for innovation and inclusive growth. Since 2004, Consulus has implemented systemic innovation solutions with multidisciplinary business and design capabilities throughout the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Europe. With a presence in 23 nations globally, Consulus believes in shaping an inclusive socio-economic system and is a member of the Economy of Communion (EoC) network.

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