Consulus launches Impact Ventures, Nuova Global Initiative, Shape the World Changemakers, UNIFY Certification, New Partnerships to amplify impact.

Jun 21, 2021 | News & Updates, Press

Singapore, 21st June 2021 – Today, at its annual Shape the World Summit with almost 200 participants from around the world, Consulus unveiled new initiatives to grow its network of purpose-driven leaders, serve enterprises in need, and solidify alliances and partnerships for amplified impact.  

With this year marking the 17th Anniversary of Consulus, the global innovation by design firm updated its Theory of Change model to shape a better world by design by launching the largest number of initiatives.

“We believe these thought-leadership and design-led strategies will make a significant impact on shaping a better world and an inclusive economic system  that offers equitable and sustainable growth. These new alliances and roles will bring together leaders of influence, pair local governments with the private sector and think tanks, bring relevant research, create impact programs, and use media and journalism to feature actions and solutions. These initiatives are exciting to announce because they mark a new level of engagement and strategic development for us.” said Jim Funk. Global Chairman of Consulus Global.

  1. Consulus Impact Ventures 

Consulus Impact Ventures is a new initiative where the firm will take on the role of an Impact Venture Partner to invest and manage significant projects of impact as a viable business or social initiative that can be properly financed. A new section will be created on to feature these impact projects. It will be open for professionals and partners to participate in or support with resources. This new section on Consulus Impact Ventures will be launched on on 1st August 2021.  

1a) 1st Impact Venture: Media for a United World, Nuova Global Initiative 

As the global impact partner, Consulus launched the Nuova Global Initiative in partnership with a worldwide network of magazines and publishing houses known as Citta Nuova, founded by UNESCO peace prize winner Chiara Lubich in 1959 to influence a united world through the media. This global initiative seeks to support the development of media organizations and journalistic initiatives to feature actions and solutions towards global fraternity and humane global development. This project will seek to strengthen more than 21 affiliate members of this network from 20 cities, operating in over 42 countries. The initiative is part of a five-year roadmap to advance media for unity that includes the launch of a global foundation and a global media group. 

“We believe in this time of pandemic it is even more critical to create solutions for fraternity. This global initiative, for a kind of media that bridges, being established in celebration of the 25th anniversary since Chiara Lubich received the UNESCO peace prize for education, we believe is a fitting contribution to dialogue and fraternity.” said Federico Vescovini, Chairman of Nuova Global Initiative.

More information can be found on

1b) 2nd Impact Venture: Global Sports Impact Program with the Washington Institute for Business, Government and Society  

Unveiled by James P. Moore, the Founder and President of the Washington Institute, the Global Sports Impact Program is a multi-year program launched in partnership with Consulus to enable greater unity and inclusion in sports. The 2nd Impact Venture Project unveiled today, this multi-year program hopes to make sports more accessible for all regardless of nation, race, status or gender. There will be a global impact report on sports and a series of talks centered around this issue. 

“The Washington Institute is delighted to enter into partnership with trailblazing Consulus during a critical moment in global history.  Together we will be looking for ways to help shape the world’s future, addressing its challenges and opportunities with practical solutions for the years ahead.” said Hon. James P Moore, Founder, and President of the Washington Institute for Business, Government and Society.

2. Shape the World Changemakers 

Consulus unveiled Shape The World Changemakers, a new affiliate network initiative for changemakers in government, companies, and non-profit organizations who believe in shaping a better world. Members of the Shape The World Changemakers network will get access to unique tools on how to build trust and innovate new ways to bring people together for action. Changemakers can also participate in Consulus impact projects. As part of this program, Shape The World Circles will be organized every quarter for members to share about impact projects, and to discuss strategies and solutions on how to overcome the poverty of trust, institutions, and solutions. Membership is at USD 200 annually and members before admission need to share their personal reflection and desired impact in the world. 

A proper constitution will be developed and put in place next June. In the meanwhile, Paolo Frizzi has agreed to serve as Interim Moderator for Shape the World Changemakers.

Membership will be open on the 21st July 2021 via

3. Consulus UNIFY Certification Program

3a) Consulus UNIFY Certification Program 

The UNIFY Certification Program will allow any consultant or professional to learn and be certified in the growing Consulus library of change methodologies and tools. The comprehensive library covers methods from organizational transformation, leadership formation, and trust-building approaches to bring people together for common action in diverse sectoral or industries. A prospective person will also need to devote themselves to be part of a unique Consulus consulting community practice to fully appreciate how the integration of thought and community life matters in shaping communities of purpose. 

The certification program will be launched on 22nd Feb 2022 on

b) Welcoming DPI Asia and integrating into Consulus Methods of Change

Consulus welcomes DPI Asia and its renowned methodologies for strategic and critical thinking into Consulus Global Network. Led by Andrew Sng, DPI Asia has served 1,000 corporations and non-profits, such as Abolitz, Kasikorn Bank, SATS and Tsao Foundation, throughout the Asia Pacific for over 40 years. Andrew Sng shall also be appointed as Global Senior Fellow for Strategy.

“I’ve met and explored with many different parties in the past few years but none brought the fit that Consulus have in terms of purpose and values to perpetuate the legacy of DPI’s critical thinking processes in Asia and my 40 years “labor of love” applying them to help transform organizations. I look forward to contributing and serving as Global Senior Fellow for Strategy at Consulus Global Network” said Andrew Sng, Managing Director of DPI Asia. 

4. New partnerships

4a) New PlaceCORE Solution with CPG Consultants, Introducing Silver Generation Innovation (SGI)  

Consulus, together with its urban transformation and infrastructure partner, CPG consultants has launched Silver Gen Innovation(SGI).  SGI is an integrated solution from business concept to site development to prepare for an aging population so that dignified aging can be achieved through social and real-estate innovation.  CPG Consultants and Consulus present a holistic view with 9 elements to help government and private developers understand how to implement their desired outcomes and realized sustainable silver generation communities. The social impact that this project seeks to achieve is the realization of more sustainable silver generation communities that will reduce inequality, enhance mental well-being through a well-structured real-estate model to finance healthcare and infrastructure needs for an aging population. 

More information on Silver Gen Innovation can be found here:

4b) ’Smart 4.0 Readiness Audit for Resilience in the Post-Pandemic Age in Vietnam’s Research Project

Consulus Vietnam, RMIT Vietnam University, and a panel of key industry experts have partnered to launch a nationwide study to assess and form collective insights on Vietnam’s readiness for Industry 4.0 and resilience in the post-pandemic age. The Research project, unveiled by Professor Robert McClelland, Deputy Dean of School of Business & Management in RMIT Vietnam aims to measure the ability of individual large enterprises and key industries, and of Vietnam as a whole, to act in unity and create value in the age of disruption. 

5. New Appointments at Consulus Global  

5a) Two leaders were announced as Global Senior Fellows of Consulus Global, including Jim Funk as Global Senior Fellow for Leadership who served as Global Chairman for Consulus Global and Andrew Sng as Global Senior Fellow for Strategy. 

About Shape the World Summit 2021

Consulus is the convener of Shape the World Summit (STWS), a creative thought-leadership event aimed at providing design-led strategies to inspire companies to transform their business and organizational models to shape a better world. More than 5,000 delegates have participated in STWC from around the region since 2005. 

The 2021 summit, themed Shape a Better Economy by Design, gathers leaders and professionals from the public sector, business, and civil society who have committed themselves to shape an inclusive economic system with a preference for equitable and sustainable growth.

About Consulus

Consulus is a global innovation by design firm serving leaders, companies, and cities in their transformation to shape a better world. Consulus believes that a culture of purpose and unity is essential for innovation and inclusive growth. Since 2004, Consulus has implemented systemic innovation solutions with multidisciplinary business and design capabilities throughout the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania.

Consulus is present in 16 other nations throughout the world. Consulus believes in shaping an inclusive economic system and is a member of the Economy of Communion business network.

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