Consulus helps Health City Novena engage creatively

Sep 26, 2013 | B2C, News & Updates, Singapore

HealthCity Novena Launch

Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) recently launched a 17-hectare healthcare master plan. At the onset of the master plan development stage, Tan Tock Seng Hospital saw the importance of involving the community for a project of such scale and novelty.

TTSH leveraged on Consulus’ knowledge of best practices from the community engagement and creative work the firm did with UN-affiliated, non-profit and governmental organisations from New York, Brunei, Malaysia to Singapore.

Consulus’ engagement included research, engagement initiatives and developing an identity to best represent the vision of Health CityNovena before handing over to the TTSH team for execution. As part of the insights from the community engagement study, Consulus designed an identity to bring across the vision of Health City Novena so that the community may understand the purpose of the development. The visual identity is designed like an invitation for the community to come and enjoy the spaces. It is not meant to work like a logo but more like an inclusive identity similar to the Olympics.

Healthcity Novena Identity

Healthcity Novena

The Health City Novena project was launched by Mr Gan Kim Yong, Minister for Health.

The symbol, designed in a form of a heart-shaped tree, represents the hub of vitality, energy and life that HealthCity aims to be for the community. The 19 icons woven together represents the vision of Health City Novena to be more than just a hospital. Each icon stands for the different facets of Health City, including a place of enrichment, a place to heal, a place to meet and a place for entertainment and leisure. Also, the colours were chosen to represent the different healthcare partners involved in the development.

“As a Singaporean firm, and having done most of these kind of work overseas, it is so great to be able to do this at home. TTSH understands deeply that Singaporeans deserve a more pro-active and creative form of engagement as this is a new concept,” Lawrence Chong, CEO at Consulus, said.

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