Consulus expands global reach with SCL, champions innovation in Africa 

Mar 15, 2024 | News & Updates

For many years, Consulus has served numerous clients in various industries by emphasizing the ideals of purpose and unity as essential tools needed to shape a better world, which take inspiration from the Focolare Movement led by Chiara Lubich. 

Although Consulus has maintained an international presence, it has yet to penetrate the African continent. Similarly, Sa’I Anwara ’I’ Jumai Consultaire Limited (SCL) in Nigeria was looking to develop a strategic plan to scale up its impact, better apply the principles of the Economy of Communion (EoC), and present an updated strategic plan for external partners or investors for scale.

As a result, Consulus and SCL joined forces to utilize each other’s strengths and expertise in their respective contexts to develop mechanisms and solutions that would cater to the growing needs of the population, specifically in the field of future resilience and regenerative agriculture. Thus, giving birth to Consulus Africa. 

According to Sindavanh Manivong, Consulus Global Chairwoman 2023-2024, this partnership between two companies with a shared vision for the world is the perfect opportunity to touch more lives. “We are delighted to see the Consulus Network spread out to the African continent, to Nigeria. The encounter with SCL, being read as Sa’i‘anwara’I’jumai Consultaire Limited, and meaning ‘Nothing surpasses God’, was an incredible fit of company cultures and purposes,” she said.  

In the coming years, Consulus Africa will be guided by a strategic roadmap that brings together activities and initiatives guided by the Future Resilience by Design Model and its framework. One of its most anticipated outcomes is the institution of AgriCORE, a groundbreaking business transformation solution focused on revolutionizing the agricultural sector. 

“SCL is happy with the providential crossing of paths between us and Consulus. We are convinced that this meeting and this partnership will advance our purpose of promoting sustainable and inclusive development, using regenerative agriculture, with economic, environmental, and social outcomes at scale,” said Dr. Andrew Kwasari, President of SCL. “I’m super excited to participate at the Consulus Shape the World Summit in June 2024. I look forward to the launch of the joint AgriCORE with Consulus.”

Consulus Africa joins the ranks of Consulus World Centre and its affiliates in 23 nations, such as Brazil, Slovakia, and the Philippines. 

About Sa’I Anwara ’I’ Jumai Consultaire Limited (SCL) 

SCL is an indigenous agro-allied enterprise established in 2010. The cornerstone of SCL’s operation lies in an expertly skilled technical workforce, overseen by a leadership team boasting a combined 150 years of corporate management expertise. At SCL, the vision of revolutionizing agriculture and fostering sustainable progress is rooted in the values of excellence, innovation, and community well-being to uplift farmers and enhance livelihoods.

About Consulus 

Consulus is a global creative change firm serving persons, companies, and cities in their transfiguration for an Economy of Communion. Consulus believes that purpose and unity are essential for innovation and inclusive growth. Since 2004, Consulus has implemented systemic innovation solutions with multidisciplinary business and design capabilities throughout the Americas, Asia, Europe, and Oceania. With a presence in 23 nations globally, Consulus believes in shaping an inclusive socio-economic system and is a member of the Economy of Communion network.

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