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Creative strategies to make interreligious and intercultural dialogue more effective


Many non-profit organisations in dialogue struggle with fund-raising, branding and building an organisation; this prevents them from having a greater impact in dialogue to contribute to better understanding and lasting peace.

Our Approach
Our experience in the global interfaith and intercultural sector, combined with our expertise in business and design strategies, gives us deep insights into the challenges facing such organisations. The best way to overcome extremism is to strengthen the organisations of dialogue, make them more effective in business, branding and organisation. This is our contribution towards sustainable human development and lasting peace.

Tweet Line: Strengthening organisations of dialogue more effective is an essential step to combating extremism


Creating a more effective brand

Extremist groups can be very effective at branding themselves to secure media attention, how can organizations for peace and dialogue match them and become global brands for peace? Poor branding and communication strategies limit exposure and weakens fund-raising capacity. Combining business and design-led strategies, our multi-disciplinary consultants will review the strengths and weaknesses of the brand and design more effective strategies and solutions to enhance effectiveness.



Transforming the business model

Many dialogue-based organisations have ineffective business models. Many rely on short-term projects that might even distract them from their core competencies but they seldom have a choice as they need funds to sustain the organisation. An effective business model: one that allows them to secure stable cash-flows is critical so that these organisations can develop sophisticated tools and conduct research to be more effective in their work.



An effective organisation

Since these organisations have limited funding, they tend to have poor career development or organisational plans. Having a roadmap to develop people and their skills is important to enable effective field work. For dialogue to be effective, organisations need to be able to reach out to those who have extremist tendencies, but to do that, you will need people with experience who will be able to make a difference. To get there, you need a better organisation roadmap and strategy to retain these talents.


Making Dialogue Work

Paolo Frizzi

Paolo Frizzi


Paolo serves as the Head for Consulus DialogueWorks. His other appointment include Lecturer in Theology and Praxis of Interfaith Dialogue

Elena López Ruf

Elena López Ruf

Deputy Head

Elena Lopez serves as Deputy Head for Consulus DialogueWorks. Prior to this she served as Assessor in the Religious Affairs Department of the City Government of Buenos Aires

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