Consulus develops brand identity for new pathway school

Nov 12, 2008 | Clients, English, Non-Profit, Singapore

Assumption Vocational Institute (AVI) will be transformed into Assumption Pathway School (APS) in January 2009, running an enhanced curriculum from which students can benefit from a hands-on and practical approach.

Consulus Cato Partners, who has worked with AVI to develop a brand strategy for the new APS, expressed their gratitude and well wishes to the school.

The enthusiasm of both the faculty and the students inspired Consulus to design a dynamic brand identity for APS that, when combined with the school’s revitalised curriculum and refurbished facilities, will contribute to building a more positive image for alternative education in Singapore.

APS teamed up with the Ministry of the Education (MOE) and the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) to revamp AVI’s existing programmes into a customised curriculum that will allow premature school leavers and students who have failed the Primary School Leaving Examinations (PSLE) once or more to choose from different pathways of learning.

Through the Skills Induction Programme, for example, Year 1 students will gain a better idea of what the different vocational training programmes will entail. As they continue their studies in APS, they will be able to select the fields that will be best suited to their strengths.

Consulus committed itself to the project as part of its corporate citizenship activities, because the company fully supports APS’s goal of helping every one of its students to develop their unique skills and talents.

Managed by the St Gabriel’s Foundation, APS believes that all students are endowed with God-given abilities, which can be nurtured effectively through engaging learning experiences in a caring community. It aims to provide opportunities for students to connect with themselves, others and society by making learning fun and meaningful.

APS will offer students a more holistic education with character-building programmes that go beyond vocational learning. Through a cross-curricula approach and a nurturing environment, students will be able to learn and live out the school values.

MOE invested $28 million to refurbish the AVI campus along Upper Bukit Timah Road in order to meet the needs of the enhanced APS curriculum. The refurbishment includes constructing home-stay facilities for the two-week Residential Programme, which all APS students will experience.