Consulus Congratulates Cyclect and Fotohub for their Wins at the Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2013

Oct 7, 2013 | Awards, News & Updates, Singapore

Congratulations to Cyclect and Fotohub on their recent accolades in the Singapore Prestige Brand Awards 2013! Cyclect is a first time recipient and best overall winner in the category of Heritage Brands, which pays tribute to time-honoured homegrown brands (more than 30 years), while this is Fotohub’s second award. Fotohub won in the category of Established Brands.

We are pleased as this supports and recognises the efforts that both companies have made in their development.

“Our warmest congratulations to Cyclect and Fotohub on receiving the Singapore Prestige Brand Award. It was heartening to be part of Cyclect’s development in building a professional institution from a family business that was founded in 1943. Fotohub was under a lot of pressure in a sunset industry and being part of the business model transformation, it is always exciting for Consulus to see how they have been evolving,” Christina Tarigan, Senior Manager, Strategy at Consulus, said.

SPBA Heritage Brands 2013 Winners. PHOTO: SPBA13

SPBA Heritage Brands 2013 Winners. PHOTO: SPBA13

“Cyclect is proud to receive its first Singapore Prestige Brand Award and being the overall winner in the category. Being recognised as a Heritage Brand is a major milestone for our legacy. Through the system set in place during branding exercise with Consulus, we have continuously improved,” Tan Ee Wei, Business Development Manager at Cyclect Group, said.

We spoke to one of the senior staff in Cyclect during the award ceremony who shared that after the branding exercise, people collaborated more and that initially their clients were skeptical of their tagline “Completely Possible” but when Cyclect delivered – due to teamwork – the clients believed.

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