Consulus congratulates APS on their official opening

Aug 15, 2012 | Clients, News & Updates, Non-Profit, Singapore

We are pleased to congratulate APS on their official opening ceremony, with Guest of Honour, President Tony Tan Keng Yam. It was a journey we started with APS in 2008, pursuing a common purpose and expressing that purpose in the brand communication.

Guest of Honour, President Tony Tan presenting a token of appreciation to Florence Oh, Chairman at Consulus, in recognition of Consulus’ partnership with Assumption Pathway School.

Assumption Pathway School (APS) presents its students with opportunities that were not available to them within Singapore’s mainstream education system. It challenges preconceived notions of success and gives its students the chance to shine in their own way, which led us to develop the tagline, “Many paths, one purpose.”

“It’s really about a school where there is a community and where we help one another grow, particularly the students so that they can become who they truly can be,” Mr Wee Tat Chuen, Principal at APS, shared.

In pursuing a common purpose, the right communication goes a long way. Only when people understand the difference you are trying to make can they be involved with your brand. We needed the public, the staff and the students to identify with the purpose and understand what APS is trying to achieve.

The brand identity is made up of pieces coming together to form a star, based on the directive of “Many pieces, one masterpiece”. This gave the staff and teachers a common langauge and reminded them that they are constantly bringing together the many aspects of the student’s life to help them find their own journey.

We created an identity that aptly communicates the school’s purpose of renewing hope. It resonated with the staff, because it matched the vibrancy of the community that they have been building in APS. As for the students, the new identity has been translated into a uniform that they are happy to wear and a school to which they are proud to belong.

“The beauty of the purpose-led design approach is that it pushes us to go beyond just designing a symbol,” Lawrence Chong, Director of Strategy at Consulus, said.

“In this case, it is about the identity of a community that is constantly seeking new ways to help the kids. We were glad that the research process helped the school understand that it is not about options but a journey to seek an identity that they can embrace. The result is a meaningful symbol that communicates the essence of their work. This is what great design is all about,” Chong said.

To learn more about the project, view the case study video.

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